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Summary: Scholarly and Research Activity

August 2015

Academic Presentations

Tuna Baskoy.  “Technological change and competition in the global wireless handset market: 1980-2014.”  Presented at the 8th International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences (ICASS).  Istanbul, Turkey: 15-16 August 2015.

Mitu Sengupta.  Invited participant and session moderator at the workshop, Law, Institutions, and Political Philosophy, sponsored by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Delhi, 21-22 August 2015.


Caryl Arundel has been appointed Coordinator of the Chang School Certificate program in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management, replacing Gerda Kaegi, who was the first and only Coordinator of the Certificate program since its creation in 1998.

Publications - Published

Matthew Flisfeder. “The Entrepreneurial Subject and the Objectivization of the Self in Social Media.” South Atlantic Quarterly 114:3 (2015): 553-570.

Hayden King.  “3 Reasons why First Nations voters are suddenly more engaged” (op. ed.)., 21 August 2015.

Mitu Sengupta.  “The Sustainable Development Goals. Nice Idea, Poor Execution” [with Thomas Pogge (Yale)]. Washington International Law Journal 24:3 (June 2015): 571-587. [reported as forthcoming in the March 2015 DIGEST.]

Publications - Accepted for Publication

Bryan Evans and Carlo Fanelli.  “The Living Wage Movement in Canada: Responses to Low Wage Work.” In Reading Sociology: A Canadian Sociological Association Reader, 3rd ed., ed. Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese.  Toronto: Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

Carlo Fanelli. Megacity Malaise: Labour and the Struggle for Public Services in Toronto. Halifax, Nova Scotia: Fernwood Publishing (forthcoming).

Mitu Sengupta.  “From the Planning Commission to the NITI Aayog: An Agenda for ‘Cooperative Federalism’?”  In The Sun Sets Over the Planning Commission: Where is India’s Economic Policy Headed?, ed. Bharat Punjabi. Toronto: Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto (forthcoming).

Mitu Sengupta.  “Modi Planning: What the NITI Aayog Suggests about the Aspirations and Practices of Narendra Modi’s Government.” South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies (forthcoming).