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Summary: Scholarly and Research Activity

November 2015

Academic Presentations

Matthew Flisfeder.  “The Digital Reputation Economy: Social Media and the Neoliberal Subject.” Presented at the Social Media Lab Speaker Series.  Toronto: Ryerson University, 05 November 2015.

Christopher Gore. “National Policy Change from Below? Understanding the conditions when African cities lead.” Paper presented at the African Studies Association Annual Conference. San Diego, CA, 19-21 November 2015.

Daniel Rubenson.  “Do Property Rights Make People More Trusting and Prosocial? Evidence From a Large-Scale Field Experiment.”  An invited presentation to the Department of Economics.  Guelph: University of Guelph, 27 November 2015.

Mitu Sengupta.  Review of Julian Culp’s Global Justice & Development.  Presented in an “Author Meets Critics” session at the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) Annual Conference. Washington D.C., 12 September 2015.

Mitu Sengupta.  “Focus: 2010 Commonwealth Games: New Delhi.” Presented in Workshop #2: “State Strategies for Leveraging Sports Mega-Events,” Leverhulme Project.  São Paulo, SP, Brasil: Escola de Educação Física e Esporte – Universidade de São Paulo (USP), 04 September 2015.

Myer Siemiatycki. “Precarious Employment: Patterns and Pushback. ”  An invited presentation at the conference Precarity, Mobilization and Resistance: The Union Response in Québec and Ontario. Montreal: INRS University, 13 November 2015.

David E. Smith participated in the Independent Officers Colloquium. Ottawa:  Faculty of Law – University of Ottawa, 24-25 September 2015.

David E. Smith.  Invited presentation to the Clerks of the Senate of Canada on their professional development day.  Ottawa, 19 September 2015.

Conference Participation

Mitu Sengupta.  Session Chair, “Conceptualizing Well-Being Concretely.” Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) Annual Conference. Washington D.C., 12 September 2015.


Daniel Rubenson organized and hosted the third annual Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop on November 6-7, 2015. Over seventy scholars from across Canada, the United States and Europe participated in the event that included fourteen paper sessions and thirteen posters. Those interested can download the papers here: The event was sponsored by the Department of Politics, OVPRI and Faculty of Arts at Ryerson, the Centre for the Study of the United States, Munk School of Global Affairs, UofT and the Canadian Opinion Research Archive at Queen’s University.

Publications - Published

Miriam AndersonWindows of Opportunity: How Women Seize Peace Negotiations for Political Change. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016. [Reported as forthcoming in the November 2014 DIGEST]

Bryan Evans. “Election 2015 and Canada’s Public Services.  In 2015 Canadian Election Analysis: Communication, Strategy, and Democracy, ed. Alex Marland and Thierry Giasson, 96-97.  Vancouver: UBC Press/Samara, 2015.

Christopher Gore and Govind Gopakumar.  “Infrastructure and Metropolitan Reorganization: An Exploration of the Relationship in Africa and India.” Journal of Urban Affairs 37:5 (2015): 548-567. [Reported as forthcoming in the January 2014 DIGEST]

Carolyn Johns and Mark Sproule-Jones. “Great Lakes Water Policy: The Cases of Water Levels and Water Pollution in Lake Erie.”  In Canadian Environmental Policy and Politics: Prospects for Leadership and Innovation, 4th ed., ed. Debora VanNijnatten, 252-277.  Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2015.

Pamela D. PalmaterIndigenous Nationhood:  Empowering Grassroots Citizens.  With a foreword by Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair.  Halifax:  Fernwood Publishing, 2015. [Reported as forthcoming in the June 2015 DIGEST.]

Pamela Palmater.  “Will We See Real Nation-to-Nation Respect with Trudeau?” (op ed)  Now 36:9 (5-11 November 2015): 14.

Pamela Palmater.  “All About Strong Alliances: First Nations Engagement in the Federal Election.”  In 2015 Canadian Election Analysis: Communication, Strategy, and Democracy, ed. Alex Marland and Thierry Giasson, 60-61.  Vancouver: UBC Press/Samara, 2015.

Sorpong Peou. Review of Asia’s Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific by Robert D. Kaplan (New York: Random House, 2014) 256 pp. Michigan War Studies Review 2015-100 (9 November 2015): online

Daniel Rubenson’s research on the effects of property rights on micro-economic behaviour and attitudes was featured as “Brief 33: Property Rights and Trust” on the site of EGAP (Evidence in Governance and Politics). The research – funded by a $3.1M USD grant from the Millennium Challenge Corporation upon which Rubenson is PI – shows, among other things, how property rights can increase trust and prosocial behaviour such as altruism and fairness.

Publications - Accepted for Publication

Daniel Rubenson [with Stuart Soroka (University of Michigan), Peter Loewen (University of Toronto) and Patrick Fournier (University of Montreal)]. "The Impact of News Photos on Support for Military Action.” Political Communication.  Forthcoming.