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Summary: Scholarly and Research Activity

April 2016

Academic Presentations

Daniel Rubenson. “Property Rights and Trust.” Invited presentation. Helsinki, Finland: VATT Institute for Economic Research, 28 April 2106.

Daniel Rubenson. “Do You See What I See? Pseudoenvironments, Ethnic Diversity, and Social Capital.” Invited presentation. Stockholm, Sweden: Research Institute of Industrial Economics, 25 April 2016.

Daniel Rubenson. “Voter Desertion and Party Viability: The Effects of Information on Strategic Voting” [with André Blais (Université de Montréal), Elisabeth Gidengil (McGill), Peter Loewen (UofT) and Laura Stephenson (Western)].  Presented at the Annual Meetings of the Midwest Political Science Association.  Chicago, IL:  07-10 April 2016.

Daniel Rubenson.  “Estimating the Effect of Local Candidates in Vote Choice"[with Peter Loewen (UofT), Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki (UofT), and Bill Cross (Carleton)]. Chicago, IL: Presented at the Annual Meetings of the Midwest Political Science Association.  Chicago, IL: 07-10 April 2016.

Mitu Sengupta.  “Improving Access to Essential Medicines in India.”  Presented at the Planetary Health Conference: Global Health & Ecological Wellness.  Toronto: Ryerson University, 08-09 April 2016.

Meghan Joy and Ronald Vogel.  “A Policy Agenda for the Progressive City.”  Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Urban Affairs Association.  San Diego, CA: 18 March 2016.


Janet Lum organized a national symposium on Caring for Caregivers: Bridging the Care Gap on April 14 attended by 140 community participants and government policy makers. The symposium, held in the Atrium, George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, Ryerson University, was sponsored by her research network Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community, the Health System Performance Research Network, and the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto.


Bryan Evans (co-applicant with Steve McBride, PI) has been awarded a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant of $199,740.00 for the project entitled “Austerity and its Alternatives.”  The project time line is May 2015 to May 2018.

The goal of this grant is to probe understandings of austerity in the Canadian context and to engage with and explore international understandings in order to stimulate greater reciprocal debate that contributes to evidence-based policy-making. In austerity studies, a Canadian perspective is important to European observers, who note its relatively strong performance in the 2008 crisis.  These observers are also interested in earlier rounds of austerity based policy making in the 1990s. Austerity and its Alternatives has recruited organizational partners and academic collaborators in three other national contexts (Ireland, United Kingdom and Germany) to complement the Canadian story.

Publications - Published

Patrice Dutil
.  “Toronto needs political parties.”  Toronto Star (op. ed.), 13 April 2016, A17.

Patrice Dutil. "Foreword" in Jonathan Craft. Backrooms and Beyond: Partisan Advisers and the Politics of Policy Work in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016.

Pamela Palmater.  “How Canada turned a blind eye to the suicide crises in First Nations: Canada needs a multijurisdictional emergency management team to help Indigenous communities in crisis.”  Policy Options, 13 April 2016.