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Summary: Scholarly and Research Activity

November 2016

Academic Presentations

Pamela Palmater spoke on indigenous women, murder and the Canadian justice system.  Johnson, VT: Johnson State College (207 Bentley Hall), 07 November 2016.

John Shields.  “Canadian Immigration Policy and the Trudeau Liberal Government.”  Presented to ACCES Employment Management Board. Toronto, 23 November 2016.

Myer Siemiatycki.  We, Polish Jews: The Troubled Holocaust Legacy of Julian Tuwim, 1894-1953."  Holocaust Education Week Lecture.  Toronto: Lodzer Centre, 6 November 2016.


John ShieldsSocial Sciences Early Researcher Award Panel.  Toronto: Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science, 24-25 November 2016.

Blogs / Knowledge Transfer

Bryan Evans and John Shields.  “The rise of populist politics.”  Ryerson Today Podcast.  25 November 2016 (26.2 min)

Pamela Palmater. “Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP): 20 Years Later” (panellist).  Toronto: TVO, The Agenda (with Steve Paikin), 01 November 2016 (32.5 min).


  • Viola Robinson, Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative (former commissioner)
  • Katherine Hensel, UofT Faculty of Law, Principal Lawyer with Hensel Barristers
  • Judith Sayers, Assistant Professor, Law and Business, University of Victoria
  • Ken Coates, Canada Research Chair, University of Saskatchewan
  • Pamela Palmater, Chair in Indigenous Governance, Ryerson University


John Shields, P.I. and co-investigators Harald Bauder and Maria Gintova have been awarded $47,074.50 from the Ontario Human Capital Research and Innovation Fund for the project Adapting to the Ontario Labour Market: A Critical Assessment of the Role of Family in the Labour Market Integration of Immigrants.

This research builds on qualitative data gathered through a series of 46 in-depth semi-structured interviews conducted in 2014-15, exploring the integration trajectories of 23 economic class immigrant families from 14 countries. These families reside in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and who have been in Canada between five to ten years. The interview participants have shared their experience from both a labour outcome and family integration perspective. These experiences speak to the relevance of employment services that are currently offered by settlement organizations in the GTA as well as the strategies they have pursued to improve their economic outcomes as a family unit. The project will explore the multiple dimensions of opportunities and challenges that will shed light on how these immigrant families have adapted (if at all) to the labour market in Ontario and explore their economic outcomes. The proposed research will also address the structure of family self-help support systems that enable skilled immigrants to adapt to the labour market. Therefore, the central research questions are: 1) What strategies do immigrant families currently use to overcome barriers and integrate into the labour market? 2) How can the delivery of employment programs and services be improved in order to meet the needs of immigrant families.

Publications - Published

Pamela Palmater.  “TPP dead in the water without First Nation consent.”  (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) Monitor 23:4 (November/December 2016): 30-31.

Mitu Sengupta.  “Civil Society and Anti-Corruption Initiatives in India: Towards A Citizens’ Perspective.”  In Routledge Handbook of Corruption in Asia, ed. Ian Scott and Ting Gong, 196-208.  London UK: Routledge, 2016. [Announced as forthcoming in January 2016]

Publications - Accepted for Publication

Mitu Sengupta.  “A Window into India’s Development Story: The 2010 Commonwealth Games.”  International Journal of Sports Policy and Politics (forthcoming).