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The Department has produced two hard-copy newsletters at various times. Briefing Notes (produced until Fall 2004) was a Departmental initiative aimed at a general external audience.  The PPAliticus, produced from Fall 2007 through Spring 2011, was produced mostly for MA alumni.  Archived copies of both are available below.

The Department no longer produces a hard-copy newsletter, relying instead on this website as its primary means of communication with alumni and other audiences, both internal ad external.

The PPAliticus
From Fall 2007 through Spring 2011, The PPAliticus was produced by Dr. Patrice Dutil with the assistance of the Politics and Public Administration (PPA) Alumni.  

Volume 4

Volume 3

Volume 2

Volume 1

Briefing Notes

Briefing Notes, the hard-copy newsletter of the Department of Politics and School of Public Administration (as it then was), was produced regularly until Fall 2004. Archived copies are available here.