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Career Information

Students – those enrolled in our programs, and those considering our programs – often ask questions about the career possibilities that may stem from one of these degrees.

Social Sciences and Humanities Degrees

There may be questions about the general usefulness of any degree in the Social Sciences and Humanities. There is good research indicating that the skill-sets normally associated with degrees in the Social Sciences and Humanities (e.g., critical thinking, problem-solving, communications, literacy, and collaboration) are in high demand. This site includes a section archiving External News coverage of such research.

Program Degrees

Because the programs are quite different, this site also contains a “Careers” page for each program

Public Policy and Administration (MA)

Politics and Governance (BA)

Public Administration and Governance (BA)

Career Counselling

For career advice, coaching and counselling, visit the Ryerson Career Centre.

The Faculty of Arts also provides Career Counselling Services.

Employment Opportunities

Within Ryerson

External to Ryerson