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A Pow Wow Dancer from the 2018 Ryerson Pow Wow, in the upper gym. The dancer's back is to the camera and their Regalia is bright and multi-coloured.
Amber Sandy is in front of the Hide Tanning in the outdoor Ryerson quad. The Hide is stretched over a frame, another person is working on the Hide.
Monica McKay smiles as she carries the Ryerson Eagle Staff at the 2018 Ryerson Pow Wow. She is surrounded by Pow Wow participants in the Ryerson upper gym.

In the late 1990’s, Ryerson became the first university in Toronto to host a Traditional Pow Wow, organized by the newly created Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services. Four annual Pow Wows included dancing, drumming, artwork, and an estimated 1200 attendees. Twenty years later on September 21, 2018, the Ryerson Pow Wow relaunched with the help of the Saagajiwe research center and the Provost’s Office.

Pow Wow 2020

We are so excited to have the Ryerson Pow Wow back for 2020! Due to COVID-19, we have moved the Pow Wow to an online, digital event, external link. Our goal is to provide a space for the community to gather and share safely. 

This will look like a full Education Week with different videos, live workshops and panels everyday. Our Pow Wow will be a live-streamed video which will feature Dancers, Drum Groups, two incredible M.C.’s and more. We have also launched an online market, external link so you can still shop your favourite vendors on Pow Wow day!

A vendor from Pow Wow 2019 sits at their table with their colourful goods and crafts displayed, including a variety of jewelry and handmade crafts.

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