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Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. Penalties range from a grade reduction (including a zero) on the assignment to expulsion from the university. Be sure to review the guidelines regarding academic misconduct and understand the Academic Integrity Policy .

The Academic Integrity Office Website is educational and provides a wide variety of resources. Check out their engaging, short and informative Academic Integrity tutorial episodes.

Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct

Ryerson’s Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct (the ‘Code’) outlines actions which the university considers to be non-academic misconduct offences. The Code applies to all Ryerson students.

Below are some examples of offences covered under The Code. 

  • Disruption of learning, teaching and working
  • Behaviour that is abusive, demeaning, threatening or intimidating
  • Theft, damage, and destruction of property 
  • Misuse of facilities, equipment, materials or services 
  • Misconduct related to the use of alcohol/drugs 
  • Refusing to show identification (such as your Ryerson OneCard) when requested by Ryerson Security, an exam invigilator or other university employees when related to their duties