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Grades and Academic Standing

Approximately two weeks after the official end of term, your final grades and academic standing will be posted on RAMSS. See Significant Dates for the exact date that grades will be released. 

Your grades will be posted using Ryeson’s Undergraduate Studies Grading Scale.

To check your grades and academic standing, go to your Student Center on RAMSS and click “Grades / Standing” under the “Academics” heading.

Your Academic Standing is calculated using your course grades and will be assigned at the end of each term. Your academic standing affects your ability to take courses in the upcoming semester, therefore, it is critical that you check your academic standing in case your standing is not Clear. A “Clear” standing is required in order to graduate.

CGPA = An average of all the courses you have taken to date

TGPA = An average of your courses for one term.

Course Repeats and Your GPA

You may attempt the same course up to three times (i.e., enrolled initially, repeated once, repeated twice = three enrolments). 

When you repeat a course, the most recent grade will be used in the calculation of your GPA, even if the newer grade is lower. All attempts will be recorded on your transcript. 

If you fail a ProCom required course (example: CMN 210), you must repeat it in order to satisfy your degree requirements. If you fail a required course for the third time, you will be assigned an Academic Standing of Permanent Program Withdrawal.

If you fail an elective course (example: SOC 104), you have two options:

  1. Repeat the same course and the grade earned for the repeated course is substituted for the earlier grade in calculating your GPA.
  2. Instead of retaking the same course, you may take a different course from the same elective table (example: Open Elective Table) and submit a GPA Adjustment Request Form to request a Course Replacement

Timing is important – you must submit the GPA Adjustment Form before the final date to add a course for the term in which the Course Replacement applies. (See Significant Dates)


What is your Academic Standing?

Academic Standing What does this mean? Consequences Next Steps
  • Your CGPA is at least 1.67
  • None. You may continue with your studies.
  • You are performing satisfactorily and no further action is required.
  • Your CGPA is between 1.00 – 1.66; or
  • You are a first year student with a CGPA of less than 1.00 after your first semester of study; or
  • You have been reinstated to your program after a Required to Withdraw (RTW) period.
  • You must arrange a Probationary Contract with ProCom. With the authorization of your program department, you may continue your studies in the subsequent term. 

    A Probationary Contract outlines a specific plan for studies and academic support during your term of Probation. The plan will set out a group of specific courses that, if successfully completed with suitable grades, will raise your CGPA. The Probationary contract will include a reduced course load.
  • Check your email for information about Probationary standing.
  • Schedule an appointment with Romina, Academic Coordinator in ProCom to discuss your situation, finalize a Probationary Contract, and to develop some strategies for success. 
  • Sign up for the Get Clear Program for help with your academic skills, goal-setting, time management and motivation.
Required to Withdraw (RTW)
  • Your CGPA is less than 1.00 (unless you are enrolled in your first semester); or
  • Your term GPA fell below 1.67 while you were on Probation; or
  • You have violated the conditions set out in your Probationary Contract; or
  • You failed to negotiate a Probationary Contract within the established timelines.
  • You may not enrol in any Ryerson credit course for a period of 12 months. Courses taken at another institution during this period of suspension will NOT count toward your graduation requirements for your Ryerson degree program; or
  • You may ask to take part in a defined Student Success Program (SSP), like Fresh Start.
Permanent Program Withdrawal (PPW)
  • Your academic performance has resulted in a ‘RTW’ Standing for a second time; or
  • You have failed a course required by your program for the third time; or
  • You have not met the terms of your Probationary Contract; or
  • You have been denied reinstatement to your program for a second time.
  • You are withdrawn from your program and you may not apply for reinstatement into that program.
  • You can apply for admission to a different program for the Fall semester of the following calendar year.
  • Check your email and mailbox for information about your PPW Standing.
  • Attend an Educational Planning Workshop
  • If you wish to apply to a different program, contact Undergraduate Admissions for application deadlines and other admissions information.
Disciplinary Suspension
  • You are not allowed to enrol in any course at the University during your period of Disciplinary Suspension.
  • After you have served your period of Disciplinary Suspension you must contact your Department/School to make arrangements for reinstatement.

Refer to PDF fileGPA Policy #46 for detailed information on Grades and Academic Standings.


If you have any questions about your academic standing, contact