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A Minor is an opportunity for you to explore a secondary area of undergraduate study either for personal interest or as an area of specific expertise related to your ProCom degree. 

  • A minor consists of six single-term courses.
  • Courses in a Minor that also appear in ProCom’s curriculum, in any category, may also be used toward the fulfillment of the Minor. Exceptions are noted within the Minor's curriculum.

Choosing a minor: 

Many ProCom students choose to minor in a subject of their choice to complement their degree. If this is something that interests you, here’s how!

  • Step one: Take a look at Ryerson’s list of Minors and find a subject area that interests you. 
  • Step two: Once you have decided on a subject area, have a look at the course requirements for that Minor and determine how they will work into your degree requirements. 
    • Note: You may be required to take additional courses beyond the requirements of your ProCom degree, to complete a Minor. However, this is more likely the case if you decide to complete more than one Minor.
  • Step three: Complete the course requirements listed under your specific Minor throughout your undergraduate degree. Pay attention to any exclusions/restrictions noted within the Minor’s curriculum.
  • Step four: Declare your Minor(s) upon applying to graduate. It is your responsibility to apply for the Minor at the time you submit an Application to Graduate on RAMSS. 

Pay attention to any exclusions and/or restrictions noted within the Minor’s Curriculum. Please be sure to read all rules associated with your Minor of choice as it is your responsibility to follow these in order to earn a Minor.

Completing more than one Minor

Are you interested in completing more than one Minor during your undergraduate degree? This is possible! With careful planning and course mapping, you may take more than one Minor. However, an individual course may only be used to satisfy the requirements of one Minor. 

If you need any help with planning your courses, contact for assistance.

What if a course listed in a Minor is not listed in any of the course categories in ProCom?

Example: MKT 300 is a required course in the Marketing Minor, however, it is not listed in any of the course categories (example: Open Elective Table) in ProCom.

To complete a Minor, you must select from the courses listed in that Minor. However, not all courses listed in a Minor are included in ProCom’s Curriculum, and if taken, would become non-applicable to your degree requirements and be listed in the Non-Applicable Courses section on your Academic Advising Report. In such cases, Course Directives may be possible. A Course Directive is used when a course is not applicable to your degree and you wish to get approval from your program department to have it counted towards your elective requirement(s). Please contact for further information on submitting a Course Directive form, and getting an approval from the School of Professional Communication.