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Course Categories & Requisites

For ProCom BA students admitted prior to Fall 2021:

The ProCom BA curriculum is very flexible, allowing you to explore different subject areas and complete a range of courses based on your personal interest and career goals.

The degree requirements are divided into the following categories:

*This table will be removed for students admitted in in 2021/22 and replaced with FCAD Core Electives

If you are a newly admitted student (Fall 2021), please use the following degree requirements: 


                            Open Elective Table Restrictions 

The following Open Elective courses are not available for credit: 

BDC 917, CRI 610, CRI 720, ENG 200, ENG 520, ENG 590, ENG 705 and RTA 917


Course Requisites

When planning your courses, be sure to understand the different types of course requisites:



Antirequisite Courses that contain similar content and therefore cannot both be used towards fulfilling degree requirements.
Co-requisite A course that must be successfully completed before, or concurrently with, another course.
Prerequisite A requirement, usually a course, that must be successfully completed prior to be eligible to enrol in another course.

It is important to pay attention to the requisite requirements for the courses you intend to take as it may affect your ability to enroll in them and your progression in the program. You will find the requisite information for courses (if any) in the Undergraduate Course Calendar.

Example below:

Screenshot of the Undergraduate Course Calendar, where the requisite requirements are highlighted