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Spring/Summer Courses

Chang School Course Offerings

Most Spring/Summer courses are offered through the Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. Before registering for a Chang School course please ensure that the credit can be used toward your degree. Some Chang School courses are not applicable to your degree or may be a “certificate credit” only. 

To search for Chang School courses on RAMSS add a “C” before the course code (For example CSOC 104 is equivalent to SOC 104) and change the Course Career to “Continuing Education”. Courses with the same course number but delivered in Chang School are equivalent to and accepted as regular program courses. 

Example (Screen Shot image):

Chang School Course Offerings screenshot example

Pay attention to the course start and end date on RAMSS. Chang School courses may be delivered in a condensed format, or online. 

For example, Spring/Summer courses may be offered in any of the following ways:

  • Spring (beginning of May – end of June) – These are condensed classes. You are required to attend class twice per week. 
  • Summer (end of June – beginning of August) – These are condensed classes.You  are required to attend class twice per week. 
  • Regular (May – August) – Similar to a regular term. You are required to attend class once per week.
  • Distance Education (usually May –July but may be offered in a condensed format too) – Online delivery

Chang School courses do not follow the undergraduate fee deadlines.

Consult the Chang School website for appropriate deadlines. Refer to their Important Dates page for enrollment periods, course drop deadlines, and all other significant dates.

Undergraduate Course Offerings

In addition to Chang School offerings, there may be some other Spring/Summer classes offered through FCAD programs or other schools at Ryerson. You may search for these courses and enroll in them via RAMSS. 

Be sure to refer to the Undergraduate Significant Dates Calendar for all dates and deadlines pertaining to these courses (Not Chang School’s important dates page!)