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Strategic Storytelling

 “Love Letters” is an exercise in strategic storytelling for CMN 324 — a course where students explore the power of stories. They look at the basic concepts of narrative, and  learn tools and techniques for telling great stories. This social media video series features students sharing love letters to people who’ve been influential in their lives.

 Love Letters

By Karina Mohammed, Betty Mekonnen, Adrienne Tabinga, Brenna Brooks, Kellen Gardner, Leché Hope, Sabrina Ly, Jemimah Galvez


Digital Media

For his 4th year final project, Rangga Luksatrio transformed a traditional research poster using augmented reality. The IRL view of the poster has minimal information, but when users point their phone at the poster, it comes alive with animations.

 Learning in VR

By Rangga Luksatrio

Visual Communication

In CMN 448, students are introduced to the world of graphic design and visual communication. From branding to image-making, they delve into the world of visual culture and practice their design skills.

 Chaos in Threes

By Alessandra Belcastro, 2019

Class of 2021

 Doggy Date | Pop-up Experience

By Ben Dao

 Smart Sweets | Pop-up Experience

By Jillian Pollock