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Fall 2021 Updates

June 21, 2021
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Updates for the Fall 2021 Term

Message from the Chair

Dear ProCom students, faculty and staff,

On June 8th, President Lachemi announced that the fall 2021 semester will be a “transition semester” with more in-person activities than last year. Below is an update about the School of Professional Communication’s plans for the fall semester. 

This is the School’s fall semester plan as of June 21st, 2021. The information on this webpage will be updated if there are any changes to our plan or to Ryerson policies regarding the fall semester.

Fall courses 

The health and safety of the ProCom community is the most important consideration in the School’s planning for the fall semester. The School is planning to offer all ProCom courses online since this is the only feasible way, based on the information we have so far, to provide students with access to our full curriculum while minimizing health risks to our students, faculty and staff. 

We are committed to adding to our rich learning experiences in our virtual environments this fall. Last year, our instructors participated in many initiatives in ProCom, FCAD and the University on best practices in online teaching, which enabled our instructors to create engaging learning experiences for our students. We will continue to refine our courses for online delivery so that they are as innovative and interactive as possible for our students this fall. 

While all ProCom undergraduate (CMN) and graduate (PC) courses will take place online, it is possible that other departments will offer some of their open elective and liberal studies courses in-person. We hope to have more information to share with you soon about the delivery format of external electives and we will update you as soon as that information is available. 

Fall in-person activities (optional)

While our classes will be delivered online, we are planning to develop a number of in-person activities during the fall semester that will be connected to courses but will be optional. These in-person activities will give students the opportunity to get to know each other and to apply skills and knowledge from courses in co-curricular events such as boot camps and workshops. We also plan to offer online alternatives for students who cannot attend in-person.

Additionally, we are planning to provide students with access to a selection of ProCom spaces, such as the ProCom Practicum Centre, through a bookable online system that will limit, based upon safety guidelines, the number of students using a space.

To help us plan optional in-person activities for the fall, I invite incoming and continuing ProCom students to take a few moments to fill out our google formshort survey, external link

Winter courses

We are hopeful that we will be able to offer courses in-person in winter 2022, as long as it is possible to do so within the public health guidelines. We will update you as soon as we have more information from the University about the winter semester. 

Finally, to our students, I know the last fifteen months have been an extraordinarily challenging time for you. I commend you on your perseverance and your commitment to your educational goals, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic. Our faculty and staff will be delighted to welcome you in-person as soon as it is safe to do so. 


Warm regards,

John Shiga