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John Shiga

John Shiga
Associate Professor
RCC 366
(416) 979-5328

John Shiga is an Associate Professor at the School of Professional Communication at Ryerson University. His research and teaching focus on communication and media in intercultural, political and scientific contexts. Professor Shiga earned his B.A. in Mass Communication and Creative Writing at York University and his M.A. in Communication at McGill University. In 2009, he received his Ph.D. in Communication at Carleton University and was awarded the Carleton University Medal for Outstanding Work at the Doctoral Level. His dissertation analyzed cultural anxieties in law, science and popular culture about the impact of digital and genetic technologies on human identity. While pursuing his Ph.D. at Carleton, he taught courses in digital media, communication law and policy, media theory, and popular culture in Carleton’s School of Journalism and Communication. In 2010, Professor Shiga received a Postdoctoral Fellowship at McGill University for research on the history of scientific and military attempts to establish communication with nonhuman species. His postdoctoral research led to his current project, which focuses on the development and use of global sonar networks and other underwater surveillance technologies by military, scientific and environmental organizations.

Recent Publications

  • Shiga, J. (under review). The nuclear sensorium. Canadian Journal of Law & Society.
  • Shiga, J. (2018). ‘One little seed blowing in the wind’: Risk media and the production of transgenic life as biocapital. In Bishnupriya Ghosh & Bhaskar Sarkar (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Media and Risk(pp. 32-64). New York: Routledge. 
  • Shiga, J. (2017). Copying machines: Unconscious musical plagiarism and the mediatisation of musical listening and memory / Machines à copier: Le plagiat musical inconscient et la médiatisation de l’écoute et de la mémoire. Transpositions,, external link  
  • Shiga, J. (2017). Empire of sound: Sentience, sonar and sensory impudence. In S. Hamilton, D. Majury, N. Sargeant, D. Moore, and C. Wilke (Eds.), Sensing Law (pp. 238-256). New York: Routledge.  
  • Ritts, M. & J. Shiga. (2016). Military cetology. Environmental Humanities, 8(2), 196-214. 
  • Shiga, J. (2016). Ping and the material meanings of ocean sound.  In N. Starosielski and J. Walker (Eds.), Sustainable Media: Critical Approaches to Media and Environment (pp. 128-46). New York: Routledge. 
  • Shiga, J. (2015). Sonar and the channelization of the ocean. In P. Théberge, K. Devine & T. Everrett (Eds.), Living Stereo: Histories and Cultures of Multichannel Sound (pp. 85-106). New York: Bloomsbury. 
  • Shiga, J. (2013). Of other networks: Closed-world and green-world networks in the work of John C. Lilly. Amodern,, external link
  • Shiga, J. (2013). Sonar: Empire, media and the politics of underwater sound. Canadian Journal of Communication, 38(3), 357-78.
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