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Taylor MacLean

Taylor MacLean
CCK Program Coordinator
The Catalyst, RCC230D
416-979-5000 ext. 553668

Taylor MacLean is a multi-disciplinary designer and communications strategist. She completed her BA at the University of Toronto, specializing in Indigenous Studies, and she attributes her time at UofT as the spark that ignited her passion for communication. She delved into sensitive discussions around cultural values, worldviews, and identity – and she learned how the subtleties of communication translate into lived reality.

In 2014, Taylor joined the MPC program, where her research focused on the narrative structure of legal texts and the ways that legal discourse undermines Indigenous sovereignty. After graduating from Ryerson, she started Flyleaf: a creative studio specializing in design and content strategy. Working primarily with non-profit and public sector organizations, Flyleaf has helped brands stand out and get noticed through highly creative content meant to surprise and inspire.

Throughout her career, Taylor has sought out positions where she could make ideas, concepts and information more accessible. She believes in clarity, simplicity and strong storytelling. No matter what the project, Taylor’s goal is to craft narratives that are compelling, universal and accessible. Taylor is thrilled to be joining CCK and grateful for the opportunity to help the Ryerson community tell powerful research stories.