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Professional Communication at Ryerson

Dr. Jessica Mudry

Professional Communication (ProCom) at the Creative School balances theoretical rigour with practical skills. Our students study the communication practices of a range of organizations and fields: design and creative technologies, politics, science, social justice, corporate and non-profit sectors. In turn, ProComm students design and produce elegant, timely, and strategic communication for a variety of audiences, clients and partners.

Our engaging faculty provide a challenging classroom environment that encourages critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and hands-on learning. Experiential learning opportunities, an international study abroad program, a flexible curriculum and research assistantships - each make the ProCom student experience well-rounded, balanced and enriched.

The world's complexities require clear communication and a professional skill set that emphasizes flexibility, innovation and strategic thinking. ProCom teaches students the power of ethical and effective communication as a tool for problem-solving - ever important in the changing global environment.

- Dr. Jessica Mudry, Chair.