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Professional Communication at Ryerson

Dr. John Shiga

At the School of Professional Communication (ProCom), we prepare students to become savvy communicators with the ability to understand and tackle increasingly challenging and complex demands of the 21st Century.

To do this, we designed our programs to help students develop the creative and technical skills necessary to produce visual, written, and oral communication products. At the same time, we emphasize critical and strategic thinking so that students are attuned to the needs of audiences and stakeholders.

Our programs also integrate experiential learning opportunities, where students apply what they learn in the classroom within an organizational setting. Through links with local organizations, we prepare our students to be ready for any area of an organization – from branding to public relations to internal communications.

The future requires people who can innovate wisely, strategically, and ethically. We look forward to working with all our students to help prepare them for the changing world we live in.

- Dr. John Shiga, School of Professional Communication Chair