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MPC Program

Students in the Master of Professional Communication (MPC) program work with some of the top innovators in marketing, communication, media, and design.
As of May 1, 2019 applications for the September 2019 academic year may not be considered since we are at capacity with a waiting list. Learn more about the application process. 

The Master of Professional Communication (MPC) is a full-time, one-year graduate program that blends theoretical knowledge with practical skill development. A key component of the program is an internship where students are given the opportunity to work along side top industry professionals, build their professional network, and gain hands on experience. The program concludes with a Major Research Paper, which allows students to follow their passion for communication and explore a diverse range of topics. After completing the program, MPC grads join an elite network of ProCom alumni that they can tap into for career support, advice and opportunities.


An innovative, immersive learning environment with cutting-edge technologies and facilities.


The MPC program lets you combine career interests, giving you the versatility to develop your communication skill set for any sector. 


One-year from start to finish, this intensive program allows you to explore communication industries and fast-track your career.

ProCom students working in practicum centre

Who is the MPC Program for?

  • Recent university graduates from across the disciplines who want to enhance their professional communication skills and networks
  • Current communication professionals looking to expand their skill set and gain career-boosting credentials
  • Professionals who want to take on more of their organization’s communication responsibilities
  • University graduates and professionals interested in exploring emerging communications research, technology, and trends

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