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Innovation: Challenging the Status Quo

Multiracial couple working in design and engineering architecture office

Ryerson’s vision is to be Canada’s leading comprehensive innovation university.

Throughout our history, innovation has meant evaluating and challenging conventional approaches to post-secondary education inside and outside the classroom. That approach has enriched our society and the Toronto community that Ryerson calls home, resulting in an improved overall quality of life.

An innovation ecosystem is characterized by risk-taking, examining subjects critically and creatively, and thinking broadly to derive fresh ideas and solutions to problems. Ryerson’s innovation ecosystem is showcased in many ways, including our labs, SRC partnerships, teaching, international collaborations and Zone Learning network. Focused on various sectors ranging from biomedical engineering, to fashion, energy and social justice, our 10 innovation zones are providing students with access to resources that help bring ideas to life as viable ventures in private, public and non-profit sectors.

Innovation requires an exchange of ideas across diverse communities, bringing new perspectives together to consider important questions and solutions. Whether the members of our university are engaging in social or civic ventures, driving responsible change in existing organizations, or creating new companies, products or jobs, they are tapping into the spirit of innovation that is the very essence of Ryerson. This spirit transcends our local and domestic borders, allowing us to exchange knowledge and share our perspectives with others, and opening us to alternative ways of thinking and to different cultural approaches.

Being innovative is true to who we are, a community that embraces unconventional, creative thinking and approaches to learning, teaching, SRC, and day-to-day operations. Innovation allows us to stand apart. We will build on our roots, continuing to develop and foster an innovation ecosystem throughout Ryerson.

We will do this by continuing to nurture an environment that instills creativity, critical thinking and useful skills across disciplines. We will support more students, faculty and staff in becoming innovators, entrepreneurs, activists and socially responsible citizens who can make a positive difference.

Other Priorities

Innovation occurs every day across our campus

Ryerson has established a culture of innovation that can be seen in the ways we support students, our approaches to teaching and learning, and how our faculty and staff approach their work. 

For well beyond half a century at Ryerson, innovation has:

  • Stimulated creative thinking and know-how;
  • Enhanced learning experiences offered to students;
  • Strengthened interdisciplinary connections;
  • Enhanced curriculum development;
  • Increased partnerships with complementary organizations; and,
  • Reinforced our university’s strong commitment to a robust teaching and SRC culture.