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Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau profile

Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau

EducationPhD, Tufts University
OfficeOffice of Social Innovation, 1 Dundas St. W. 11th Floor
Areas of Expertiseinfancy; cognition; attention; motor development; atypical development (ASD)

Dr. Boudreau serves Ryerson University as Special Advisor & Executive Lead, Social Innovation. He continues to supervise and consider prospective graduate students. Follow Dr. Boudreau on Twitter at: Boudreau_Ideas


With a PhD from Tufts University in Boston (1997) and a fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association, Dr. Boudreau has 13 years of transformative leadership in faculty development, student advancement and community engagement at Ryerson. He served as chair of the Department of Psychology (2003 – 2011), and Dean of the Faculty of Arts (2011 – 2016) before his appointment as Special Advisor and Executive Lead for Social Innovation at Ryerson University (2016 – ). Providing strategic direction for the university’s social innovation portfolio and directing the university’s inaugural Social Innovation Office, he recognizes social enterprise development as a vital and transformative part of today’s forward-thinking university. An award-winning teacher and supervisor of BA, MA and PhD students, Dr. Boudreau has developed new psychology courses with an experiential focus such as PSY 700: Psychology Research Practicum. His students have won Rhodes scholarships, Commonwealth scholarships, and SSHRC grants and some have gone on to become university professors.

As a developmental scientist, and Director of the Children, Health, Infancy, Learning, and Development (CHILD) Lab, he researches the dynamic interaction between mind and action during infancy. He has been published and has presented his findings internationally. Dr. Boudreau has held international visiting professorships, including at the University of Maryland and Uppsala University in Sweden. He has served as Chair of the developmental section of the Canadian Psychological Association, as a member of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) national adjudication committee, and as Ryerson’s representative at the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). He is also a proud Acadian with strong Maritime roots. 

Dr. Boudreau welcomes opportunities to engage undergraduate and graduate students interested in early development. With a commitment to bridging the sciences with the humanities and social sciences, he also welcomes opportunities for partnerships linking psychology and social innovation. 


Selected Publications & Presentations

Dosso, J., Herrera, S., & Boudreau, J. P. (under review). A study of reaching action in walking infants.

Ghazban, N., & Boudreau, J. P. (2016). Jean Piaget. The Routledge encyclopedia of modernism online.General Editor, Stephen Ross. London, UK: Routledge.

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Sibani, S., Singer, A., & Boudreau, J. P. (2016, May). Multimodal babies: Investigating infant-parent socio-emotional dynamics during a surprising toy exposure. Poster presented at the International Congress on Infant Studies, New Orleans, LA.

Herrera, S., Dosso, J., & Boudreau, J. P. (2015, March). Navigating complexity: Experienced infant walkers employ diverse strategies to flexibly execute reaching through narrow apertures. Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, PA.

Dosso, J.A., & Boudreau, J. P. (2014). Crawling and walking infants encounter objects differently in a multi-target environment. Experimental Brain Research, 232, 3047-3054.

Boudreau, J. P. (2014, July). New directions for emotion regulation during infancy: Exploring the dynamic interplay of singing, touching, and face perception. Symposium organizer and integrative introduction presented at the XIX Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies, Berlin, Germany.

Dell’Agnese, L., Tullio-Pow, S., Schaefer, K., Andrews, A., Ibrahim, W., Stein, R. Russo, F., & Boudreau, J. P. (2011, November). Wearable technology: Prototype development of a garment to mediate communication between caregivers and infants with autism spectrum disorder. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the International Textile and Apparel Association, Philadelphia, PA.

Boudreau, J. P. (2008). Dueling images in Dundas Square: The allocation of attention in the human infant. In L. Poissant & P. Tremblay (Eds.), La prolifération des écrans /Proliferation of Screens (pp. 59-72). Québec, QC: Presses de l’Université du Québec.   

Vidal, C., Bo, J., Boudreau, J. P., & Clark. J. (2005). Development of visuo-motor representations for eye-hand coordination and adaptation in young children. Experimental Brain Research, 162, 155-164.