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Arvin Jagayat profile

Arvin Jagayat

MA Student, Psychological Science

Stream / Community & Health

Arvin’s research interests centre on the role of technology and the Internet in our social interactions. He is an active member of Dr. Becky Choma’s Social and Political Psychology Lab.

“As an aspiring researcher in the field of social psychology, there are multiple reasons why I feel that Ryerson University’s Psychological Science program was an ideal fit for me. In social psychology, we strive to discover and better understand how we interact with one another, and having a representative sample of participants is essential in doing so. Ryerson University’s main campus being located in downtown Toronto offers a unique opportunity to gather data from people from many different walks of life. The campus is situated in the core of one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the world, and one that has a high proportion of first generation immigrants. This not only affords me the opportunity to pursue research questions that can be localized to more specific demographics, but also gives me greater confidence that my findings can be generalized to people from around the world.

Once I arrived at Ryerson, I quickly learned what makes the program so special. The department tries hard to cultivate a very communal and supportive atmosphere, where students and faculty members alike go out of their way to make sure new students feel welcome, and know that help is available if needed. I found this to be the case in both informal encounters and more formal interactions, such as the various area meetings where faculty members and students with similar research interests get together to share information on projects and provide feedback. Knowing that I have so many resources available to help me succeed made my transition into graduate school smooth, and continually reminds me that I made the right decision in choosing Ryerson.”

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