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Sara Gallant

Sara Gallant

PhD Student, Psychological Science

Stream / Brain, Perception & Cognition

Sara works with Dr Lixia Yang in the Cognitive Aging Lab. The primary focus of her research is to understand how memories can be shaped by emotion across the lifespan and the neural mechanisms underlying these processes. 

“When applying for graduate school, Ryerson’s Psychological Science program quickly became my top choice for its collaborative environment, top-notch research facilities and emphasis on diverse training in applied research.

Within the department, the training opportunities are seemingly endless. The faculty members have a wide range of research interests and are more than happy to welcome students into their labs for collaborations. Moreover, the research questions we can explore are quite broad with access to state-of-the-art research facilities to support the measurement of eye-tracking, brain activity and physiological responses associated with various behaviours.

For me, one of the most attractive features of the program was the research practicum requirement during the MA and PhD, in which students seek training to expand their breadth of knowledge through internal or external research placements. As an aspiring cognitive scientist, I took this as an opportunity to learn EEG and fMRI data analysis, both of which were beyond the scope of my lab’s focus. As a result of this training, I fostered meaningful connections with researchers in my field and acquired skills that allow me to address my research questions from a different angle.

With such diverse training, students emerge from the Psychological Science program with a multifaceted research skillset making us competitive for jobs in academia or industry.” 

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