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Undergraduate student, Joseph Rovetti wins The Governor General's Academic Silver Medal

By: Sarah Carmichael
June 18, 2019

During the Psychology Annual Awards night on 11th June 2019, we proudly celebrated the outstanding achievements of one of our top graduating undergraduate students, Joseph Rovetti.  Joseph was recognized by both the department and wider university for his scholarly endeavors and research throughout his university career.  On top of departmental awards, the Fourth-Year Psychology Award, the CPA Certificate of Academic Excellence for BA Thesis, and the Scholar’s Circle, Joseph was awarded the Irene Gammel & Jean-Paul Boudreau Undergraduate Research Award, recognized for his recent presentation of the LIFE Institute Student Award and the most prestigious Ryerson undergraduate award, The Governor General’s Academic Silver Award.  This final award is awarded to the undergraduate student who achieves the highest academic standing upon graduating from a bachelor degree program.  


Joseph was recently also awarded an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award which allows undergraduate students to participate in faculty-mentored summer research in any area of scholarly, research and creative activity.  He is currently working in the Memory and Decision Processes (MAD) lab with Dr. Julia Spaniol to research how physiological arousal affects risky decision-making in younger and older adults.  In the Fall, he has accepted a position working at the Challenging Environment Assessment Lab (CEAL) at Toronto Rehab with Dr. Jennifer Campos, where they have Canada’s most advanced driving simulator. He is going to help them use a brain imaging method called functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) in a study looking at how hearing loss affects driving performance.  Joseph is planning on applying to graduate school next year.


We are so proud of Joseph and wish him all the best in his next endeavors!