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Psychology Graduate Students Association

The PGSA team consists of an eclectic group of clinical and psychological science graduate students, from both the MA and PhD programs. We are excited to be a part of the PGSA for this academic year!

PGSA Research Symposium - Friday November 8th, 2019

The Psychology Graduate Student Association is excited to invite you to the 11th Annual Research Symposium! The event will be held on Friday, November 8th, and will be packed with workshops, keynotes, and outstanding student presentations. Coffee, lunch and treats will be provided!

Psychology graduate students, faculty members, and administrative staff must register here:, external link

The Psychology Research Symposium highlights the outstanding research done by graduate students in the Psychology graduate program. The Symposium offers graduate students a chance to discuss research interests with each other and other members of the Department of Psychology. This year, we are introducing a theme of open-science and scientific communication, which will be a topic of focus in our student-led information sessions/workshops, and keynote address.

If you would like to present your research (poster/individual or lab talk), submit your abstract using this form:, external link

Keynote Address: Dr. Michael Inzlicht

This year, we are excited to have Dr. Michael Inzlicht (University of Toronto), as honourable our keynote speaker! Dr. Inzlicht is a Research Excellence Faculty Scholar at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Michael conducts research that sits at the boundaries of social psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience. Although he has published papers on the topics of prejudice, academic performance, and religion, his most recent interests have been in the topics of self-control. Michael completed his B.Sc. in Anatomical Sciences at McGill University in 1994, his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at Brown University in 2001, and his postdoctoral fellowship in Applied Psychology at New York University in 2004. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and edited two books. His work has been featured in media outlets around the world, including The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, BBC News, TIME, The Daily Telegraph, and the CBC, among many others. He is currently an Associate Editor of Psychological Science., external link

The keynote address is open to the Ryerson community! If you are not a member of the Department of Psychology and are interested in attending the keynote, please RSVP to or Shruti Vyas, PGSA President (

Executive Team 

  • President / Ariella Lenton-Brym
  • Vice-President / Menahal Latif
  • Secretary & Treasurer / Danielle Uy
  • PhD Psychological Science Student Representative / Brandy Murovec
  • PhD Clinical  Student Represenative / Virginial Tsekova
  • MA Psych Science Student Representative / Narmada Umatheva
  • MA Clinical Student Representative / Maya Atlas


Questions or comments? Interested in joining us? Send us an email:

Symposium Schedule

10:00-11:00 PM


11:00-12:00 PM
Location: SBB-238*

Workshop: Introduction Open Science Practices
Instructor: Arvin Jagayat

Workshop: Conducting Power Analyses
Instructor: David Sumantry


12:00 – 12:30PM
Location: Oakham Lounge
(63 Gould St, Toronto, ON M5B 1E9)


Lunch and Networking



12:30 – 1:30PM

Location: Oakham Lounge


Keynote Address: 

Dr. Michael Inzlicht (University of Toronto)


1:30 – 1:45PM
Location: Oakham Lounge


Break for Refreshments


1:45 – 2:45PM
Location: Oakham Lounge


Student Poster Session


2:45 – 3PM
Location: Oakham Lounge


Poster Competition Remarks and Closing​ Remarks by the PGSA President