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Student Experience

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Your learning experience at Ryerson is not confined to lecture halls: as a student at Ryerson, you will have limitless opportunities to gain knowledge and perspective outside of the classroom by getting involved in campus and community life. You will meet like-minded people, build life-long friendships, develop your leadership and interpersonal skills, and enhance your personal and professional development.

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Student Unions

Student union groups at Ryerson advocate for student rights, build community on campus through events and by supporting campus groups, and provide discount services to save you money. Visit the Ryerson Student's Union, external link or see a full list of Faculty of Arts Course Unions.

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Get Involved

There are a variety of ways to get involved in the department and the university.  Click a link below to learn more.

Psychology Students' Association (PSA) 

Welcome, young mind, to psychology!

The Psychology Students Association (PSA) is your go-to group, filled with veteran cerebrates who are brimming with experience. Whether you're looking to pick some brains about handling the course load, or you're more interested in switching off for a while with a few good friends, the PSA delivers. With study sessions, movie nights, and an open crew of executives, the Psychology Students Association is always interested in helping you get to the bottom of your brain.

We're always looking for some fresh minds, so feel free to drop in at our weekly exec meetings, drop us a line at And keep an eye out for those snappy Psychology Department buttons! Not only are they free, but they'll let you see which of your classmates knows the difference between their id and their ego! 

Don't repress, celebrate your newfound Psycho-social status!

Get Involved: Follow us on Facebook, external link

PSA Executive Team

  • President: Avital Dubnitzky
  • VP Operations: Katie Hulme
  • VP Finance: Ivy Chau 
  • VP Student Life and Events: Viktoria Arazyan
  • VP Marketing: Joey Florence
  • Deputy Operations: Nikée Nantambu-Allen
  • Deputy Finance: Sabrina Valenzano
  • Deputy Student Life and Events: Megan Arruda
  • Deputy Marketing: Elena Kastoras
  • Academic Representative: Katherine Lara Derikon
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Academic Success

Ryerson University offers a wide range of free services that facilitate your academic success, including individual consultations with a learning strategist, writing and English language support, free peer tutoring for selected courses, and academic probation workshops.

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Research Opportunities

There are many research projects ongoing in our department, many of which involve undergraduate psychology students in a variety of roles. Students typically get involved in research in their 3rd or 4th year, but it’s possible to do it earlier.

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