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Independent Contractors

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) presumes that all individuals who provide a service to the University are employees unless there is evidence to support classification of the individual as an independent contractor. Therefore, if the University engages an individual as an independent contractor, it must be able to support this position. In order for the University to support an individuals' independent contractor status we must receive the following forms completed and signed before the work begins. Please contact the Payment Services Manager ( if you have any questions regarding this process.


1. Independent Contractor Form (ICON) (PDF)

2. Professional Services Agreement (PDF)

3. New Vendor Request Form - Form is required for new vendors

Please contact Purchasing Services to initiate correspondence with vendors to complete the New Vendor Request form.


The University's policy on Employee/Employer Relationships is located at the following page:


The University's policies are located at:



PCard prohibited and allowables (PDF)
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