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Purchasing and Payment

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Processing Reimbursements

1.a) Petty Cash Reimbursement:

For reimbursement of Ryerson Employee expenses under $100.00 per day:Petty Cash Reimbursement form with original receipts must be submitted to the Faculty & Staff Cash Office or to the person responsible for the Departmental Petty Cash see Petty Cash Policy for details.

1.b) Petty Cash Replenishment:

For replenishment of departmental petty cash funds there are two options: a) Complete the form and submit it to Purchasing & Payment Services or b) Submit with original receipts through I-Expense (Internet Expense). 

2. Business Meal / Entertainment Expense:

Enter expenses in I-Expense and submit the bar code page and original receipts to Financial Services.  See Business Meal/Entertainment policy for further information.

What's NEW?

While this has already been available to RFA members through the collective agreement, as of March 1, 2017, all employees purchasing meals while travelling on Ryerson business are able to choose between two options when submitting for reimbursement:

  1. By claiming actual meal costs with receipts to support the purchase.
  2. By claiming the maximum daily allowance, or per diem value, according to location and meal.
Maximum daily per diem
Travel In
Recommended per diem value
$50 CAD
Canada Breakfast $10, Lunch $15, Dinner $25
$50 US
United States Breakfast $10, Lunch $15, Dinner $25
$75 CAD
Other Breakfast $15, Lunch $22, Dinner $38

How to submit for meal reimbursement

If you're submitting via the receipt-based method, continue to follow the existing process in iExpense and on the manual Travel Expense Form.

When submitting for the per diem value in iExpense, click the per diem expenses tab once you reach the "cash and other expenses" step. On the manual Travel Expense Form, enter the number of days you're travelling and the total per diem value you're claiming once you reach the final page.


If you have specific questions or concerns about claiming meal reimbursements at Ryerson, please contact Sam Yarde, iExpense administrator, at 416-979-5000, ext. 4274 or

3. Travel Advance:

Submit completed Travel Advance Form with original receipts for approved travel. Forward approved forms to Financial Services. See Business Travel Procedure.

4. Cheque Requisition:

For reimbursement of expenses for Part-Time Staff/Faculty/Students e.g. memberships, dues etc, submit an approved Cheque Requisition Form and attach all original receipts.  Forward the approved and completed package to Financial Services.


  • Hand written invoices or receipts are not acceptable as they cannot be processed by our OCR System.
  • All templates are in an editable PDF format and must be completed online (typed).
  • Per Diems are not permitted unless as per a Collective Agreement.  Original receipts for all meals and snacks must be submitted with each I-Expense for reimbursement.
PCard prohibited and allowables (PDF)
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