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How to Search for Classes

This tutorial is for Continuing Education students.

For Undergraduate and Graduate student tutorials, please refer to the main Academics page.

The foundation of the enrolment process is the Shopping Cart. It is used in much the same way as you use a shopping cart when shopping in your favourite store. However, instead of filling it with things you want to buy, you fill it with classes you want to enrol in.

You can search for classes to add to your Shopping Cart by clicking the Search link in the Academics section of your home page.
Search quick-link in Academic section of RAMSS

  1. Click the Search Link.
    Term drop down menu and Select Subject button
  2. Select a Term from the drop-down.

You can search for a class in a number of ways:

  • To do a simple search click the select subject button.
  • If you know the four-letter Course Subject and applicable Course Number, you can enter them directly and click the Search button.
  • For a more advanced search, click the Additional Search Criteria link. You can then search on items such as class schedule, location, instructor, etc..
  1. Click Select Subject
    List of course subjects and their code
  2. Click Select beside a subject.
    Search page with term and Course Subject selected
  3. Click Search.
    List of available classes with Select Class buttons

All the classes that meet your search criteria display. You can browse the list and select the one that best meets your needs.

  1. Click select class beside the class you wish to choose.
    Class details and Next button
  2. Verify that you have selected the correct class.
  3. Click Next.
    Note indicating successful class addition to Shopping Cart

The class that you selected has been added to your Shopping Cart. You can continue to build your class schedule by searching for and adding more classes as described above.

To search for another class, click the Start a New Search button.

  1. Continue adding classes until your class schedule is built.
    Shopping Cart tab
  2. Click the Shopping Cart tab.
    Shopping Cart with chart including all classes selected by student

This shows all the courses that you have added to the Shopping Cart. At this point you are not enrolled in any of these classes.

To add more classes to the Shopping Cart, click the Search button. To delete classes, click the checkboxes beside the classes to be deleted and then click the Delete button.

You can now proceed to enrol in these classes or wait to enrol later.

There are two methods of enrolment available: