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Please note: Some of the screenshots in the following tutorials may not look exactly like your RAMSS account. However, steps and instructions provided are accurate. Updated screenshots, reflecting the current RAMSS layout, are coming soon!

The Admissions section of your Student Center lets you:

  • Review an admission offer resulting from your application and accept or decline it
  • Specify when your results on a non-Ryerson English proficiency test will be submitted

Admissions Quick-links in RAMSS

The Admissions section in RAMSS has two quick-links.

Quick-links to Accept/Decline and Other EP in Admissions section of RAMSS


This options lets you accept of decline an Offer of Admission to a Ryerson program.

Other EP

This options is to indicate when the results of a an English proficiency test will be received by Ryerson.

Offers of Admission in RAMSS

Any Offers of Admission show in the Admissions section along with the status of the offer.

List of applications with status of offer in Admissions section of RAMSS

Go to for more information on Undergraduate Admissions.