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How to Decline an Offer of Admissions

If you have submitted an application for admission to a program at Ryerson using a Ryerson Application and are granted admission, your offer of admission that will show in the Admissions section of your home page.
Accept/Decline link and list of applications with offer status

When this happens, you can accept or decline your offer of admission online. You can do this by selecting the Accept/Decline link in the Admissions section.

  1. Click the Accept/Decline link. You can also click Accept or Decline beside the admission offer you wish to accept or decline.

Accept Admission page with list of offers with Accept/Decline link
This shows the offer(s) of admission that have been made to you. You should read the page carefully before proceeding.

  1. Click the Accept/Decline link beside the offer you want to decline.
    Accept/Decline page with program details and buttons to Accept or Decline offer
  2. Confirm that this is the offer that you want to decline.
  3. Click I Decline Admission.
    Confirm Decline button
  4. Click Confirm Decline.
    Decline Admission page with options to include reason for decision

Ryerson is always interested in why students decline an admission offer. You can help us here by giving us understanding of why you declined this offer.

  1. If you are planning to attend another school, click Search icon and select the school you plan to attend from the list. If you can’t find the school in the list, you can enter it in the box to the right of the Search icon.
  2. Or, select a reason why you chose not to accept this offer from the drop-down.
  3. Click Save.

The next time that you click the Accept/Decline link in the Admissions section of your Student Center, the admission offer that you declined will not show.
Admissions section of RAMSS no longer displaying outstanding offers

If you have problems declining an offer or you change your mind about declining, contact Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment at the ServiceHub.