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Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement


Towards creating a sanctuary province: A review of the literature on the labour market policies, programs, and service deliveries for illegalized migrants and employers.

Principal Investigator:

Charity-Ann Hannan (Ph.D. Candidate, Policy Studies, Faculty of Arts).

Faculty Advisor:
Harald Bauder (Academic Director of the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement and Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Ryerson University).

To move towards the creation of a just society that improves the quality of life for illegalized migrants, Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, recently became Sanctuary Cities. While enabling cities to provide access to municipally funded services to illegalized migrants however, cities' jurisdictional limitations prevent them from making sweeping changes that are necessary to remedy the unjust conditions that illegalized migrants experience- especially in the labour market. Activisits and researchers have therefore called for Ontario to become a "Sanctuary Province". The best way to move forward with this however, remains unclear.   

The following questions therefore guide this project:

  • What labour market programs, policies, and service deliveries have governments (here and abroad) implemented to support the equitable employment experiences for illegalized migrants?
  • Can any of the programs at the municipal level be scaled up to the provincial level?
  • Can any of the programs in other regions of the country and world be scaled across to Ontario?

This project is funded by the Ontario Human Capital and Research Innovation Fund (OHCRIF), Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (MTCU), Ontario, Canada and supported by RCIS.