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The RCIS Working Papers Series presents scholarly research of all disciplines on issues related to immigration and settlement. The purpose is to stimulate discussion and collect feedback. The views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of RCIS.




2019/5: Armanyous, Marietta, & Hudson, Graham. Barriers vs. bridges: Undocumented immigrants' access to post-secondary education in Ontario [PDF]

2019/4: Taha, Dina. Syrian brides and the Global Compact on Refugees: How Canada's FIAP can reimagine refugee womens' empowerment [PDF]

2019/3: Hershkowitz, Mia; Hudson, Graham & Bauder, Harald. Rescaling the Sanctuary City: Police and Non-Status Migrants in Ontario, Canada [PDF]

2019/2: Wachuku, Vanessa Chidi. Promoting and Challenging Immigration Detention in Canada: Understanding the Role of Advocacy Coalition Groups in Canada’s Immigration Detention Policy Subsystem [PDF]

2019/1: Wang, Shuguang, & Hii, Rebecca. Influence of Immigration Policies on Supply of Ethnic Business Entrepreneurs in Canada [PDF]



2018/2: Dauwer, Zaheer A. Assessing Canada's Support of International Students: A Comprehensive Review of Canada's Retention and Settlement of its "Model Immigrants" [PDF]

2018/1: Dargy, Tania. Serving Immigrant Families: Using Knowledge Translation to Inform a Family Approach in the Settlement Sector [PDF]



2017/3: Tyyskä, Vappu; Blower, Jenna; DeBoer, Samantha; Kawai, Shunya & Walcott, Ashley. The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Canadian Media [PDF]

2017/2: Tyyskä, Vappu; Blower, Jenna; DeBoer, Samantha; Kawai, Shunya & Walcott, Ashley. The Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Short Orientation [PDF]

2017/1: Hudson, Graham; Atak, Idil; Manocchi, Michele & Hannan, Charity-Ann. (No) Access T.O.: A Pilot Study on Sanctuary City Policy in Toronto, Canada [PDF]



2016/3: Tabasinejad, Pouyan. The Immigrant's Journey: Race and Trauma in The Sopranos [PDF]

2016/2: Vila Freyer, Ana. Transnational Social Resilience in La Costa Region of Chiapas, Mexico [PDF]

2016/1: Shields, John; Drolet, Julie & Valenzuela, Karla. Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services and the Role of Nonprofit Service Providers: A Cross-National Perspective on Trends, Issues and Evidence [PDF] 



2015/12: Bauder, Harald. On Adenauer, Hegel, and... Migration (or, How to Interpret Europe's Migrant "Crisis") [PDF]

2015/5: Franklin, Devon. The Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Program Reforms: The Consequence of a Neoliberal Shift [PDF]

2015/4: Crépeau, François. From Enforced Closure to Regulated Mobility: The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Migration Policies [PDF]

2015/3: Hannan, Charity-Ann & Bauder, Harald. Towards a Sanctuary Province: Policies, Programs, and Services for Illegalized Immigrants' Equitable Employment, Social Participation, and Economic Development [PDF]. 

2015/2: Petosic, Tanja; Guruge, Sepali; Wilson-Mitchell, Karline; Tandon, Reena; Gunraj, Andrea; Robertson, Andrea; Roche, Brenda; Di Zio, Josie; Ghosh, Krittika; and Bauder, Harald. Intergenerational Violence: The Post-Migration Context in Canada [PDF].

2015/1: Maharaj, Skylar & Wang, Shuguang. Community Support for Newcomer Families: A Literature Review [PDF].   



2014/7: Root, Jesse; Gates-Gasse, Erika; Shields, John; and Bauder, Harald. Discounting Immigrant Families: Neoliberalism and the Framing of Canadian Immigration Policy Change [PDF].  

2014/6: Ali, Loft Ali Jan. Welcome to Canada? A Critical Review and Assessment of Canada's Fast-Changing Immigration Policies [PDF].

2014/5: GOVision. The Impact of Changes to the CEC Program on International Students [PDF]

2014/4: Lindgren, April. Ethnic Media Election Coverage A Content Analysis Methodology [PDF].

2014/3: Jayaraman, Sita & Bauder, Harald. Niche Employment or Occupational Segmentation? Immigrant Women Working in the Settlement Sector in Germany and Canada [PDF]

2014/2: Thränhardt, Dietrich. Steps toward Universalism in Immigration Policies: Canada and Germany [PDF]

2014/1: Anderson, Bridget. Exclusion, Failure, and the Politics of Citizenship [PDF].



2013/9: Flynn, Emma & Bauder, Harald. The Private Sector, Institutions of Higher Education, and Immigrant Settlement in Canada [PDF].

2013/8: Neborak, Jacklyn. Family Reunification? A Critical Analysis of Citizenship and Immigration Canada's 2013 Reforms to the Family Class [PDF].

2013/7: Nangia, Parveen. Discrimination Experienced by Landed Immigrants in Canada [PDF].

2013/6: Stobbe, Stephanie & Harris, Judith. Tracking Immigrant Professionals' Experience in Manitoba's Labour Market [PDF].

2013/5: Colbert, Judith. Settlement and Social Capital: Strengthening Futures for Newcomer Children and Society [PDF].

2013/4: Zhou, George. What Are Chinese Immigrant Parents' Concerns With Their Children's Education? [PDF]

2013/3: Fursova, Julia. A Journey of Her Own: A Critical Analysis of Learning Experiences Among Immigrant Women [PDF].

2013/2: Scherr, Albert. The Construction of National Identity in Germany: "Migration Background" as a Political and Scientific Category [PDF].

2013/1: Hannan, Charity. Employment Equity and Access to Social Welfare for Illegalized Immigrants: An Inclusive Approach that Also Makes Economic Sense [PDF].