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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our ESL Foundation Program is a multi-term commitment for learners, with a minimum of 2 terms. Completion of this program leads into undergraduate enrolment at Ryerson University.

For group enrolment, there is the potential to partner with the Real Institute in the development of custom programs with shorter timelines. Please contact for more information.

No. There are specific timelines for entry for each ESL Foundation Program stream:

  • ESL 1: Fall or Winter
  • ESL 2: Fall or Winter
  • ESL 3: Fall only

Click here for more detailed information on our ESL Foundation Programs.

For our ESL Foundation Program, the fees are as follows:

  • ESL Foundation Program I — $23,650 (one term + additional term of 3 credit courses at Ryerson’s Chang School + one credit course)
  • ESL Foundation Program II — $32,900 (two terms + one credit course)
  • ESL Foundation Program III — $39,900 (three terms + one credit course)

Yes, but only under certain conditions. In the ESL Foundation Program II & III, we offer up to 2 additional credit courses during the program, at no additional cost—but only if students prove their ability with early success in the ESL program.

Before offering any additional credit courses, we will determine whether the student has the capacity for the extra workload, as our main priority is to facilitate English proficiency.

Unfortunately, there are no refunds provided for our programs. In exceptional circumstances, the Real Institute will determine whether a special allowance can be made.