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Real Institute Teaching and Learning Model

The Real Institute Teaching and Learning Model

Students enrolled in a Real Institute ESL program during the Fall 2021 term will choose how they prefer to learn.

Regardless of their choice, all Real Institute students will complete the intensive curriculum through synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Learning Options

100% virtual learning model: 

Students will experience all of the benefits of traditional classroom learning, without leaving home. This option requires students to complete synchronous course components by attending interactive virtual classes via Zoom, and asynchronous course hours by engaging in structured, independent learning. Students will be required to indicate their location for the Fall 2021 term during registration. 

Blended learning model (in-person + online):

Students will come to Ryerson’s campus to attend some classes in person, where public health protocols will be followed closely. The remainder of student learning is completed synchronously with the instructor through Zoom and asynchronously online, through structured, independent learning. 



  • Orientation tailored to the needs of students improving English language proficiency
  • Interactive, in-person and live streamed classes with experienced instructors
  • One-on-one instructor support, through office hours
  • Peer support from experienced Ryerson students
  • Transition workshops, offered throughout the term 
  • Opportunities to connect with undergraduate programs, services and events 
  • Academic advising with program staff

What is Synchronous/Asynchronous Learning? 

Synchronous learning involves interactive ‘classrooms’ where students meet and communicate with their instructors and peers in real time, either face to face or using live streaming technology. The synchronous learning environment is like the traditional classroom, and students are expected to participate as they would in person.

Asynchronous learning is independent coursework students are required to complete on their own time, by the deadline given by their instructor. This may include working on reading reports/ listening reports/essay writing/ reading logs/listening logs/listening reports/ listening logs/discussion boards/recorded reflections or presentations/mind-mapping and any other additional work that your instructors assign.

  Virtual Learning Model Blended Learning Model
How will I participate in the program?

Students will meet with their instructor and eBoost classmates using Zoom. Classes are structured similarly to classroom learning.  

Additional course hours, not scheduled virtually, will be completed independently online.

Students will attend some classes in person, at the Real Institute in Toronto. Local public health protocols will be followed closely. 

Additional course hours will be taking place synchronously online with the instructor and your peers and other course hours will be completed independently online.

What is my weekly schedule?

Classes begin at either 6am ET or 9am ET, and are scheduled Monday-Friday. 

Students will indicate their location during the registration process and will be enrolled in a section that best accommodates their time zone.

Classes begin at 9am ET, and are scheduled Monday-Friday.
What is asynchronous learning?

Independent coursework students are required to complete on their own time, by the deadline given by their instructor. Examples include: 

  • Working on reading reports
  • Essay writing
  • Reading logs/listening logs
  • Discussion boards
  • Recorded reflections or presentations
  • Mind-mapping

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