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Student Experience and Support

The Real Institute Curriculum, Extracurricular and Student Support Programs

Our students have access to custom programming designed to support the unique experience of English language learners transitioning to university.


The Real Institute curriculum has been designed based on the latest research in language and academic teaching and learning. Each term uses a thematic modular approach to explore the English language based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, external link. Some of the common themes that run through our curriculum include but are not limited to business ethics, sustainable economy, environmental sustainability, education and technology for a sustainable future. This uncommon innovative approach to language teaching and learning is what makes the Real institute unique and more forward thinking in the way they approach language learning through their pathway programs. Through our curriculum, we acknowledge that transition to undergraduate degrees at Ryerson does not only happen on the level of the structure of our pathway programs, but also the level of content of the curriculum. Our highly specialised instructors, our innovative academic English curriculum and extra academic tutorials provided by the Faculties’ Teacher Assistants (TAs) will equip you with both the language and academic foundation needed to continue your undergraduate degree at Ryerson University.

Co-curricular and Transition Workshops

Through weekly workshops led by your Student Transition and Engagement Coordinator, you will learn the non-academic skills to be successful as an undergraduate student at Ryerson. Topics include practical sessions on Ryerson’s Student Information System and Microsoft Office, interactive workshops on strategies for group work, and opportunities to learn about study strategies for busy learners.


Mentorship, Advising and Campus Resources Mentorship, Advising and Campus Resources 

Peer to peer mentoring is a core feature of student support at the Real Institute. You will build relationships with International Peer Supporters with global and Ryerson experience. International Peer Supporters connect the Real Institute students to campus resources, lead events to help students understand life as a Ryerson student, and act as guides throughout the ESL experience. 

To prepare students for their transition into their undergraduate programs, students have access to events and information throughout their ESL studies that ensure they are knowledgeable and confident on day one of their undergraduate studies. From meetings with undergraduate program advisors, to student panels from experienced upper year students, Real students begin first year studies with a network of support in their undergraduate programs and Faculties. Complementing undergraduate program advising, is continuous student support from the Real Institute student success staff, who help ESL Foundation Program and eBoost students maximize their potential during their English language studies, and beyond. 

The Real Institute students have access to all Ryerson student services including Study Skills and Transition Support, the Centre for Student Development and Counselling, International Student Support, and the Ryerson Athletic Centre. 


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