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Virtual Student Experience and Support

International Peer Supporters 

International Peer Supporters serve as positive role models and a support resource for international students at the Real Institute. They promote and foster an inclusive, diverse and safe environment while encouraging students to be involved in activities on- and off-campus. International Peer Supporters host events to bring students together in a peer-to-peer environment, and are available for one-on-one support in our virtual platform. 


At the Real Institute we understand that joining university is an important life experience. To help prepare students for their first term at Ryerson, the ESL Foundation Program offers pre-orientation information developed to increase students’ confidence and readiness for the virtual term ahead. Pre-orientation topics include typing skills, how to view your class schedule online, International Student Support resources, and much more. 


Each year, the Real Institute hosts an orientation for incoming ESL Foundation Program students. This year orientation begins on August 31, 2020, and like all Fall 2020 ESL Foundation Program activities, will take place in a virtual environment. Orientation provides incoming students the chance to connect with other new students, learn about the requirements of the ESL Foundation Program, and get accustomed to the Real Institute and the Ryerson community. In addition, students will complete a diagnostic English language assessment, receive course overviews and meet their instructors, and test the technical system functions required to complete the Fall term - these events are mandatory for all incoming ESL Foundation Program students. Other events include virtual campus tours, International Student Support sessions, and live-streamed concerts. 

Program Advising

ESL Foundation Program advising is available to students throughout the term. Students can schedule one-on-one virtual advising appointments with a Program Coordinator or a Student Transition Coordinator, or attend the daily advising drop-in hours via Zoom.

Topics covered during advising sessions include:

  • ESL Foundation Program completion requirements 
  • Undergraduate program changes
  • Degree-credit courses
  • Academics
  • Student success resources 
  • Events

Transition Programming 

Preparing students for success in their undergraduate programs is a key component of the ESL Foundation Program. During the virtual Fall 2020 term, students will continue to have the opportunity to attend transition workshops and experiences that prepare them for their undergraduate programs. Examples of virtual transition programming include:

  • Undergraduate Program Advisor meetings, where students learn about their undergraduate courses, internships, experiential learning opportunities, and other features of their program of study 
  • Undergraduate Program workshops (ex: Ryerson Tri-mentoring: Back to Basics, TRSM Student Information session)
  • Skills workshops, led by International Peer Supporters (ex: Microsoft Word workshop) 
  • Academic advising for ESL courses and additional credit courses 

Student Life and Events