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Virtual Classes

ESL Foundation Program students participating in a virtual class via Zoom
ESL Foundation Program students participating in a virtual class via Zoom

Sample Lesson

Skill: Reading

  • Students come to class having completed reading homework, ready to discuss their questions, the major themes of the text, and new vocabulary. 
  • During the presentation portion of class, students will receive discussion questions to be answered in small groups. 

Skill: Grammar

  • Students explore a grammar point, based on authentic language examples from the reading. 
  • Students join small breakout rooms on Zoom to collaboratively come up with examples of the grammar point. 

Skill: Vocabulary

  • Students work in a shared document to identify patterns of the new vocabulary from this week’s reading.
  • Students work individually to identify this week’s vocabulary word family before coming back together via Zoom to check for accuracy.

Skill: Writing

  • Students join a breakout room on Zoom, and work together in a shared document to identify errors in a sample academic piece of writing and make improvements. Students refer to the morning lesson based on the most important guidelines to writing academically.
  • Students learn how to use the grammar point of the lesson to support their arguments in academic writing. An initial demonstration of the grammar point in academic writing is provided during the morning lesson, live on Zoom. 
  • Students review common sentence structure errors from last class by using the Kahoot polling software.


  • Students produce a sample reference list in Microsoft Word, based on a list of source information given to demonstrate proficiency with APA citation.
  • Students post a discussion board post in order to start the conversation related to this module’s reading circle text.  
  • Students incorporate the grammar and writing activities from their class into the module’s essay assignment. 

Sample Lesson

Skill: Listening 

  • Students review images related to the weekly video using the in-class Powerpoint presentation.
  • Students make predictions about the weekly video using Jamboard
  • Students watch the weekly video as a class on TED, working through gist, note-taking, main idea exercises

Skill: Speaking

  • Instructor reviews debate skills with the whole class. Students watch an example video of a well-done and poorly-done debate, and discuss each example.
  • Students are separated into small groups in Zoom breakout rooms to practise debate skills using topics related to the weekly video. The instructor visits the rooms to listen and offer feedback.

Skill: Vocabulary

  • Students work in a shared document to discover the meaning, parts of speech, and example sentences for the weekly vocabulary
  • Students answer Zoom polls to practise using the different parts of speech for the vocabulary words
  • Students access Nearpod to continue working with the vocabulary words. Students look at provided images of the words and also create their own online drawings to represent their understanding of the words, which they explain to the class.

Skill: Speaking

  • Instructor reviews the grammar point 
  • Students use the tapescript for the weekly talk to find and identify the grammar point
  • As a class, students practise using the grammar point in their speaking
  • In breakout rooms on Zoom, students work in small groups to practise using the grammar point. The instructor visits the rooms to offer feedback.

Skill: Pronunciation

  • As a class, the instructor reviews a pronunciation concept
  • In breakout rooms on Zoom, students work in small groups to practise finding and saying words using the correct sentence stress. The instructor visits the rooms to offer feedback.
  • Students make a recording of themselves pronouncing provided words. Students upload this recording to Padlet and listen to examples from other students.


  • Students use Kahoot to review the vocabulary and language points from the lesson.
  • Students use Quizizz to practise listening to and using the vocabulary.
  • Students make a post to the D2L discussion board reflecting on what they have learned and how their skills have developed.