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Alan Shepard Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Employee Award Recipients

The Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion (OVPECI) provides the strategic leadership, advocacy, education and coordination needed to address equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the entire Ryerson community and to foster an inclusive, welcoming environment for students, faculty and staff. Alan Shepard was provost and vice-president, academic of Ryerson from 2007 until 2012, and a champion for equity, diversity and inclusion. OVPECI is proud to sponsor the Alan Shepard Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Employee Award, which recognizes the outstanding achievements of individuals or teams/committees who advance EDI through their work and/or their volunteer contributions in the Ryerson community.

Recipients may be awarded in any of the following categories:

  • Staff member
  • Faculty member
  • Senior leader
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Team/Committee

Individual recipients receive a certificate and a one-time monetary award of $3,000 (subject to applicable deductions).

Team recipients (a group of two to ten individuals) receive individual certificates and a total one-time monetary award of $4,000 (subject to applicable deductions) to be shared equally among members.

Although this award recognizes staff and faculty, students or student groups who demonstrate excellence in the area of EDI are also eligible to receive an award. To nominate a student or student group, please visit the Office of the Registrar awards website and find the Alan Shepard Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Student Award under the University Wide category.

Key criteria: Equity, diversity and inclusion

2020 recipients

Kimberlee Collins

Faculty of Community Services

Kim Collins sets a gold standard for student engagement through her groundbreaking role in accessible space-making. Kim mentors staff and faculty on building accessible pedagogy that responds to student needs and legacies of colonization and ableism. She works tirelessly to support online, part-time learners by spearheading a thriving social media network which connects underrepresented learners to Ryerson. Kim includes these learners in her scholarly and creative work which centers equity, diversity, and inclusion through its attention to intersectionality. Kim's work goes well above and beyond the requirements of her day-to-day role and sets new precedents for student engagement at Ryerson.

Laurel Walzak

RTA School of Media, Faculty of Communication and Design

RTA Sport Media Assistant Professor Laurel Walzak founded The Global Experiential Sport Lab, at Ryerson University, and one of the three key pillars of the Lab is the Gender Equity in Sport Initiative This is a community for women and men to come together and engage in activities and discussions related to inclusion gender inequities in sport, sport media and sport business. And to introduce the positive benefits of being: gender sensitive and gender equal. With a mandate to mobilize change and move toward total elimination of these inequalities.

FCAD School Fashion Main Office

  • Ben Barry, School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication and Design
  • Audrey Colphon-Reynolds, School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication and Design
  • Sadia Kamran, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Communication and Design
  • Grahame Lynch, School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication and Design
  • Cira Nickel, School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication and Design
  • Jeanine Webster, School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication and Design

The School of Fashion has introduced new guiding principles of Inclusion and Decolonization. These values inform Fashion's entire approach to education and have sparked the development of new programs, curricular changes, and student and faculty recruitment strategies aimed at dismantling systemic barriers that marginalize under-represented groups. Comprised of both faculty and staff, the Fashion Main Office team has collaboratively implemented initiatives to centre equity, diversity and inclusion in the department. This team exemplifies the impact these two groups can make when they join forces to radically transform education, operations and university culture to advance social justice.

Past recipients

  • Tracey King
    Human Resources
  • Kathryn Underwood
    Faculty of Community Services
  • Housing and Residence Life - All-Gender Housing Development Team
  • Imogen Coe
    Faculty of Science
  • Sricamalan Pathmanathan
    Human Resources
  • Anver Saloojee
    Ryerson International
  • Career Centre Team
  • Positive Space Co-Chair Team
  • Kerri Bailey
    Facilities Management and Development
  • O'neil Edwards
    Spanning the Gaps, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education
  • Myer Siemiatycki
    Department of Politics and Public Administration, Faculty of Arts