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AVP International's Global Learning Award Recipients

The AVP International's Global Learning Award recognizes an individual or team (faculty or staff) who have made significant contributions to Global Learning at Ryerson. The recognized activity or leadership can take place either on campus or abroad.

Individual recipients receive a certificate and a one-time monetary award of $2,000 (subject to applicable deductions). Team recipients (a group of two to ten individuals) receive individual certificates and a total one-time monetary award of $3,000 (subject to applicable deductions) to be shared equally among members.

Key criteria: Service, leadership, and innovation

2020 recipients

Frederic Dimanche

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Ted Rogers School of Management

It is with pleasure to nominate Dr. Frederic Dimanche, Chair of the School of Hospitality and Tourism, for the AVP International Global Award. Recognizing the institution’s vision to be established as both a diverse and global leader, innovator and thought-provoker, Dr. Dimanche’s contributions to this vision are consistent. He champions students and ensures they have the supports in place to be successful. Understanding that Ryerson’s international brand is expanded through high impact story-telling, Frederic provides internal stakeholders with impressive and vast updates on HTM program accolades, partnership development, experiential learning wins and faculty research. These authentic stories are examples that support Ryerson’s key goals as a global leader and are also a testament of his personal commitment to attracting future international students, elevating current students, his own faculty and the Ryerson name.

Cortona 2019 Leadership Team

  • Rana Abdel - Latif, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Communication and Design
  • Barbara Vogel, School of Interior Design, Faculty of Communication and Design

Together, Barbara Vogel and Rana Latif led an exceptional global learning experience for 55 FCAD students in Cortona, Italy. Developing and refining the opportunity to offer multiple pathways for participation allowed for the widest reach. Students could join the trip for 2-8 weeks and earn 1-3 credits. The program was also linked with student funding support to best mitigate against financial barriers to participation. The 2019 FCAD Cortona experience was an enormous success in its own right, has demonstrated an incredible model for global learning at Ryerson and will see an even larger impact as it grows for summer 2020.