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Julia Hanigsberg Make Your Mark Staff Award Recipients

The Julia Hanigsberg Make Your Mark Staff Award is in recognition of Julia Hanigsberg, former vice-president, administration and finance. This award recognizes up to six individuals and teams who have demonstrated excellence in one of the following areas:

  • Client service – provides exceptional client service that is professional, client-focused and collaborative beyond the position’s basic responsibility.
  • Community engagement – creates and maintains opportunities for collaboration and engagement with the surrounding community and/or within Ryerson’s community that have a positive social, civic, cultural, or environmental impact, and supports values of equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Innovation – challenges the status quo with new solutions and applies new ways of thinking that positively transform the campus and community. These solutions may be new systems, technologies, products, programs, or policies that tackle process, social, cultural, civic, or health and safety issues. This person or team is an intrapreneur who looks for a better way of doing their job.
  • Sustainability – contributes toward an economic, social and/or environmentally sustainable initiative by developing a new solution, engaging people, or collaborating with groups on or off campus.

Individual recipients receive a certificate and a one-time monetary award of $2,000 (subject to applicable deductions). Team recipients (a group of two to ten individuals) receive individual certificates and a total one-time monetary award of $3,000 (subject to applicable deductions) to be shared equally among members.

Key criteria: Client service; community engagement; innovation; sustainability

2020 recipients

Michelle Hounslow

University Advancement

Through the creation of the Ryerson Innovation Circle Michelle Hounslow has created an opportunity for a diverse community of donors to be actively involved with Ryerson, strengthening research and encouraging discovery. She has created a program that supports Ryerson researchers and students to work with the broader community, and an opportunity for Ryerson research to have a direct, positive impact on the health and welfare of the citizens of the city. Michelle's innovativeness, tenacity, collaborative spirt, and positivity has resulted in the creation of something that will have a lasting benefit for both the Ryerson and the greater Toronto communities.

Stephanie Jakubowicz

Office of the Dean, Faculty of Science

Stephanie Jakubowicz (née Suckling; FoS) continues to provide outstanding support to the research endeavors of the Department of Chemistry & Biology. Her role as Research Accounts & Support Officer enables streamlining of our array of research accounts and grants connected to a plethora of vendors, stipend accounts, etc. through a department linked at the graduate level to Environmental Science & Management and Molecular Science. Stephanie also coordinates our financial operations at the undergraduate level to programs in our department and Biomedical Sciences. She has consistently demonstrated exemplary service to our unit in an efficient and highly professional manner.

Centre for Urban Innovation (CUI) Development Team

  • Danny Baltazar, Facilities Management and Development
  • Ryann Campbell, Facilities Management and Development
  • Kevin Davies, Computing and Communications Services
  • Nicolas De Salaberry, Facilities Management and Development
  • Loudanski Gumbs, Community Safety & Security
  • Jean-Francois Landry, Facilities Management and Development
  • David Lester, Computing and Communications Services
  • Shane Penney, Computing and Communications Services
  • Grant Te Brugge, Facilities Management and Development

FMD would like to nominate the team behind the planning, development and construction of the Centre for Urban Innovation (CUI) for a Julia Hanigsberg Award for excellence in client service, community engagement and innovation.

The project was a highly complex building development project that saw a heritage property restored and married to new construction to create a research, incubation and commercialization hub focused on finding solutions to urban infrastructure issues. Through unique, innovative steps to collaborate with the city and neighbouring community throughout all phases — pre-design, design and construction — the project highlighted Ryerson’s role as an exemplary city-builder.

Library Circulation Team

  • Joseph Boissonneau, Library and Archives
  • Michelle Chen, Library and Archives
  • Barbara Dajnowiec, Library and Archives
  • Jennifer Ellis, Library and Archives
  • Venugopal Gudivada, Library and Archives
  • Flora Hon, Library and Archives
  • Abraham Kassa, Library and Archives
  • Marisa Nunes, Library and Archives
  • Jeanine Orleans, Library and Archives
  • Kevin Tan, Library and Archives

I am pleased to nominate Ryerson University Library's Circulation team for the Julia Hanigsberg Make Your Mark Staff Award. This team goes above and beyond on a daily basis to engage our patrons in a service experience that is professional, student-focused and collaborative. The Circulation team has dedicated the past year to implementing creative initiatives that demonstrate to our patrons that we hear their needs and that supporting student success is our priority. Through this student experience focused project we aimed to make Circulation, and hence the Library, a more inviting and equitable place for the community to engage with.

Marketing and Creative Services

  • Cristina Blesa, University Relations
  • Nik Firka, University Relations
  • Derek Flack, University Relations
  • Michael Lund, University Relations
  • James Wentzell, University Relations

For the past three years, Ryerson University has produced an annual marketing campaign to further enhance the university's reputation. The 2019 campaign marked an innovative departure from previous efforts with its digital focus and national reach. Created in-house by the Marketing and Creative Services team and delivered in both English and French, the campaign powerfully showcased Ryerson's leading work in urban innovation. Targeting decision-makers in both industry and government, the goal was to attract future partners, increase funding opportunities and to elevate the stature of the university by showing the importance and impact of Ryerson research and creative activity.

Road Salt Reduction Demonstration

  • Mario Aquino, Facilities Management and Development
  • Daniel Batko, Facilities Management and Development
  • Joey DeMelo, Facilities Management and Development
  • Kieran McCully, Facilities Management and Development
  • Dawn McLean, Facilities Management and Development
  • Angela Murphy, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Claire Oswald, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies, Faculty of Arts
  • Todd Palmatier, Facilities Management and Development
  • Sharmilla Raj, Facilities Management and Development
  • Guillermo Torres, Facilities Management and Development
  • James Trimble, Facilities Management and Development

FMD would like to nominate Ryerson's Road Salt Reduction Demonstration project team for a Julia Hanigsberg Award for demonstrating excellence in sustainability, innovation and community engagement while maintaining the excellent client service expected from our people.

Salinization of groundwater poses risks to human and aquatic health. The project demonstrated that it's possible to radically reduce the amount of salt used at Ryerson without compromising safety on campus.

We are very proud of the cross-departmental team that took part in this initiative and successfully achieved a measurable, positive outcome that will be scaled up to positively impact communities beyond our campus.

Staff Voluntary Retirement Incentive

  • Carey Barker, Human Resources
  • Jan Neiman, Human Resources
  • Emily Pomeroy, Human Resources

This nomination recognizes outstanding work designing and implementing a voluntary retirement incentive program for staff. With the announcement of tuition fee cuts in January, HR was asked to explore options for a voluntary retirement program. Within 3 months the team developed and received approval for the program; the Program was launched 2 weeks later. This complex project required strategic thinking, detailed design, costings and communications, and empathetic personal contact with employees as they navigated this critical, life altering decision. This team provided exceptional client service in successfully implementing a major unplanned project, collaborating with leaders, employees and unions.

Student Financial Assistance

  • Irene Chiriboga, Office of the Registrar
  • Winnie Fung, Office of the Registrar
  • Gracie Gauci, Office of the Registrar
  • Min (Mary) Liu, Office of the Registrar
  • Kathryn Macmillan, Office of the Registrar
  • Bianca Marryshow, Office of the Registrar
  • Natasha Matthews, Office of the Registrar
  • Christine Micallef, Office of the Registrar
  • Steven Nguyen, Office of the Registrar
  • Michelle Robertson, Office of the Registrar
  • Brett Taylor, Office of the Registrar
  • Jasmine Visto, Office of the Registrar
  • Nelane Yamunarasan, Office of the Registrar

Dear Selection Committee,

I am nominating the Student Financial Assistance (SFA) team for a Julia Hanigsberg Make Your Mark Staff Award for client service. SFA is a small but mighty team of thirteen. In 2018/2019, SFA received over 38,000 OSAP application - a record-breaking number - releasing over $270,000,000 in funding, allowing thousands of students to make their dream of coming to university possible. There has been nearly a threefold increase in OSAP volume in 5 years without any additional staffing, yet the team consistently demonstrates patience, empathy, and authenticity with students.

Thanks for your consideration.

Past recipients

  • Marcelle Mullings
    Office of the Vice-Provost, Students
  • Janice Pinto
    Spanning the Gaps, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education
  • Brian Withers
    RTA School of Media, Faculty of Communication and Design
  • Ceremonials Office Team
  • #RoadtoRyerson Orientation Leadership Team
  • Union/Management Teams for 2018 CUPE 233 Collective Agreement Renewal
  • The White Privilege Conference Operations Planning Group
  • Jennifer Barcelona
    Student Affairs
  • Nene Brode
    Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
  • Maria Burgos
    Faculty of Community Services
  • Marilou Cruz
    The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education
  • Carson Pun
    Faculty of Arts
  • Nursing Course Relocation Team
  • Marietta Canlas
    School of Graphic Communications Management, Faculty of Communication and Design
  • Loudanski Gumbs
    Security Services, Integrated Risk Management
  • Arlene Throness
    Food Services, University Business Services
  • Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge Team
  • Take Our Kids to Work Day Team
  • University Undergraduate Calendar Project Team
  • Your Neighbour Program Team