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Linda Grayson Administrative Leadership Award Recipients

The Linda Grayson Administrative Leadership Awards are in recognition of Linda Grayson, former Vice-President, Administration and Finance. These awards recognize two individuals (one Senior Administrator or Director and one MAC, CUPE 233 or OPSEU employee) who have demonstrated exceptional leadership through effectively managing a project, activity or team, to achieve outstanding results.

Recipients receive a certificate and a one-time monetary award of $2,000 (subject to applicable deductions).

Key criteria: Leadership; people first

2020 recipients

Gillian D'Agostino

Community Safety & Security

Gillian Agostino, Community Safety and Security Team Lead, has worked tirelessly to improve security at Ryerson through her hands-on approach to security. This has included identifying possible security issues both on and off campus. Working with her staff and Landlord’s security forces to address these issues. As issues have arisen, she and her team have responded quickly in a professional manner to mitigate their possible effect on all involved. She presents herself as a highly knowledgeable “expert” in security, particularly as it relates to Ryerson and is considered a “go to person".

John Paul Foxe

Academic Integrity Office

Dr. John Paul Foxe is a champion for Academic Integrity at Ryerson University and beyond. Through his leadership as Director of the Academic Integrity Office, Ryerson is building a culture of academic integrity among our students and faculty through education, outreach, and consultation. He has fostered a highly knowledgeable and dedicated team of professionals, led the successful renewal of Policy 60, and engaged in the development of innovative resources, such as how to avoid visual plagiarism, and gamified approaches to educating for academic integrity to the benefit of our students and faculty in this critical area.

Shawn McFadden

Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science

Shawn McFadden embodies the best elements and practices of shared, positive and professional working relationships between faculty, staff and the students. He has demonstrated outstanding vision over the last 3 years in terms of designing and creating safe laboratory work spaces that enhance the student experience. He also championed the development of the technologically advanced showcase Ryerson Analytical Facility in the past year, and pursued support within Ryerson to equip the RAF with new state of the art analytical instrumentation.

Jennifer MacInnis

Office of the General Counsel and Board Secretariat

Jennifer MacInnis has been a key driver of Ryerson's research enterprise growth. Her stellar leadership at the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation has led the research funding growth from $28M in 2010-11 to $79M in 2018-19, significantly benefiting the Ryerson community. In the last year, her contributions for the Future Skills Centre bid and grants for the Cybersecure Catalyst and Magnet have brought Ryerson close to half a billion dollars of funding. Her passion for collaboration and team building and her commitment to creating ongoing excellence helps others aspire to her outstanding level of leadership.

Past recipients

  • Dayle Levine
    Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation
  • John MacRitchie
    Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation
  • Linda Maxwell
    Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic
  • Sharmaine McKenzie
    Faculty of Arts
  • Mohammad Adnan Syed
    Faculty of Science
  • Philip Cox
    Custodial Services, Facilities Management and Development
  • Michael Forbes
    University Relations