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Alan Shepard Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award: 2013 recipients

The Office of the Assistant Vice President/Vice Provost Equity, Diversity and Inclusion congratulates all the recipients, nominees, and thank all the nominators for making this an excellent inaugural year. All of the nominations were inspiring and contained many of the qualities we value at Ryerson.

The Anti-Racism Coalition

The Anti-Racism Coalition

Anti-Racism Coalition which is made up of student, staff and faculty activists committed to confronting systemic and other forms of racism at Ryerson University. It has been at the forefront of advocacy for systemic anti -racism and equity and inclusion change at Ryerson for the last five years, during which a report was released that led to some significant changes aimed at making the institution a safe place for all to learn, work and prosper.


Ellen Hibbard, Communication and Culture PhD candidate

Ellen Hibbard

Ellen Hibbard is a Communication and Culture PhD candidate who is passionate about educating others about Deaf culture and inclusive environments for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. She champions access and actions she has taken to identify and address systemic barriers to her and others' academic learning environment.


Rona Abramovitch, Advisor on Outreach and Access

Rona Abramovitch

Through innovative programming like Bridges to Ryerson, Rona Abramovitch orchestrated outreach to communities, providing academic advice and access where there was none and then she turned her attention to systemic initiatives at the university-wide level. Rona's commitment to underserved students, faculty, and staff at Ryerson is demonstrated in the sheer breadth of her involvement.

Past recipients