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Alan Shepard Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Employee Award: 2015 recipients

The Office of the Assistant Vice President/Vice Provost Equity, Diversity and Inclusion congratulates all the recipients, nominees, and thanks all the nominators for making this an excellent year. All of the nominations were inspiring and contained many of the qualities we value at Ryerson.

Spanning the Gaps - Access to Post-Secondary Education Team

Spanning the Gaps TeamSpanning the Gaps - Access to Post-Secondary Education in the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education houses several programs that expand educational opportunities and build educational capacity, with the goal of increasing post-secondary participation amongst marginalized populations. The program supports these individuals in navigating the academic, administrative, and social culture of the institution. Through several community engagement initiatives that allow non-traditional learners to interact with Ryerson in a meaningful way, Spanning the Gaps breaks down barriers and empowers members of diverse groups. Its mission is to engage individuals in the transformative experience of higher education, thus contributing to social cohesion, as well as emphasizing Ryerson's role as a city builder and a leader in equity, diversity and inclusion.

Tonisha Boyd, O'neil Edwards, Sarah Gaikwad, Hirma Leon, Curtis Maloley, and Janice Pinto

Lorella Di CintioLorella Di Cintio
School of Interior Design

Lorella Di Cintio is a dedicated and respected advocate for equity, inclusion and social justice at Ryerson University and beyond. She has forged working partnerships with First Nations communities in Canada and Mexico, and her students' designs have supported Toronto food-bank users, Haitian earthquake survivors, and others. Her teaching research and service focuses primarily on design activism and social responsibility and is the founder of The Design Activism = Change Initiative. Di Cintio creates unique pedagogical links in the areas of design activism, service and experiential learning, pro bono work, and social innovation. She is interested in the social and political positions undertaken by designers and the pursuit of design with a conscience.

Past recipients