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Alan Shepard Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Employee Award: 2019 recipients

The Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion congratulates all the recipients and nominees, and thanks all the nominators for making this an excellent year. All of the nominations were inspiring and contained many of the qualities we value at Ryerson.

Tracey KingTracey King
Human Resources

Tracey King, Essinhs Kwe (Little Shell Woman) is Ryerson's Aboriginal HR Consultant—the first such position in Canada. Through this role, Tracey occupies a uniquely complex position at Ryerson. She enhances the core values of equity, diversity and inclusion by infusing them with Indigenous knowledge, life experience and learning. Her work over the past year has led to numerous groundbreaking initiatives in support of Truth and Reconciliation, which will have a substantial impact at Ryerson and beyond. Tracey exemplifies a personal and communal commitment to the daily actions and year-round enactment of EDI for which this award is intended.

Kathryn UnderwoodKathryn Underwood
Faculty of Community Services

Dr. Kathryn Underwood is committed to EDI, works on dismantling ableism and actively advocates for people with disabilities by teaching inclusion in the School of Early Childhood Studies. She contributes to other schools as a past member of the RFA Equity Committee and current member of Access Ryerson, in addition to teaching and research. She uses her privilege to hire and promote underrepresented groups including people with disabilities and Indigenous peoples in her work, both at Ryerson and beyond. She has won a SSHRC grant to conduct a nationwide, longitudinal study on the impact of ableism on families including in Indigenous communities.

All-Gender Housing TeamHousing and Residence Life - All-Gender Housing Development Team

Canada's first All-Gender Housing Policy and Program is the result of Valerie Bruce, Jenny Owens and Brandon Smith's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. This team from Ryerson University Housing and Residence Life undertook 18 months of research, consultation and collaboration to craft a policy and program that has challenged one of the longest standing tenets of campus housing practice, segregation by gender identity. Val, Jenny and Brandon's innovation and leadership has created what is now widely regarded nationally as best practice but more importantly, has removed a systemic barrier from all students' full participation in Ryerson's residence community.

Valerie Bruce, Jenny Owens, Brandon Smith

Past recipients