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President's Blue and Gold Award of Excellence: 2018 recipients

Paul_StentonPaul Stenton
University Planning

Over the past 18 years, Paul Stenton has been a diligent and innovative leader, tirelessly planning and advocating for Ryerson's best interests. As Ryerson's deputy provost and vice-provost of University Planning, he has been a dependable and trustworthy advisor for senior administrators throughout the university. Paul has always been readily available to formulate and provide advice, policy options and recommendations on countless issues which impact Ryerson's funding and resources, our competitive positioning and public image, as well as our internal operations. His efforts more than demonstrate the academic, administrative and operational excellence and innovation of a Blue and Gold recipient.

Congress Operations CommitteeCongress Operations Committee

In 2017, the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences convened on our campus. Congress 2017 was seven days long and attracted more than 10,000 attendees. Ryerson University was host to all of these attendees who met to share ideas and engage in discussions that will help shape the Canada of tomorrow.

Ensuring a welcoming campus for this prestigious event was no small feat. Ryerson's 31-member Congress Operations Committee demonstrated teamwork, efficiency, and innovative problem solving. Their achievement was possible due to the seamless collaboration and dedication of individuals from 15 different departments across campus.

In addition to the Congress Operations Committee, we would like to thank the tireless efforts of team members from: Administration and Finance, Computing and Communications Services, Chang School of Continuing Education, Equity and Community Inclusion, Facilities Management and Development, Faculty of Arts, Financial Services, General Counsel and Board Secretariat, Human Resources, Integrated Risk Management, Mattamy Athletic Centre, Ted Rogers School of Management, University Business Services and University Relations.

Ryerson will continue to benefit from the committee’s legacy of improvements on campus and for creating a reputation as an exceptional host of premier academic gatherings. Congratulations to the Congress Operations Committee.

We thank them and the whole Ryerson community for their involvement and skill to successfully host Congress 2017.

Adam Anthony, Silvana Babikian, Kerri Bailey, Michelle Chaisson, Voula Cocolakis, Tony Conte, Gill Dagostino, Walter DaSilva, Julia Davydova, Rosetta Donato, Darcy Flynn, Loudanski Gumbs, Duane Harris, Janet Jardine, Sean Kearns, Ralston Kwan, David Lester, Meghan MacLean, Nora McAllister, Sharmaine McKenzie, Mourad Michael, Catherine Parry, Garth Poppleton, Tanya Poppleton, Geetha Ramasamy, Alyson Reader, Caroline Riley, Kyle Robinson, Howard Sculnick, Syeda Zehra Shah, Stefania Simonetta, Heather Willis

Past recipients