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Deans' Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Award: 2014 recipients

Pnina Alon-ShenkerPnina Alon-Shenker
Department of Law and Business

Pnina Alon-Shenker’s research advances an innovative critique of contemporary legal analyses of age discrimination in the workplace and develops a new paradigm, founded in legal and philosophical theories of equality, which better articulates the wrongs associated with age discrimination in the workplace. Her research also has prominent practical implications for topical legal challenges faced by the aging workforce such as the duty to accommodate senior workers, mandatory retirement and cost-based defence claims. Her research has been published and is forthcoming in many leading peer-reviewed law journals. Ms. Alon-Shenker has also been an active member of various research centres and networks and has presented numerous papers in various scholarly forums, workshops and conferences.

Alagan AnpalaganAlagan Anpalagan
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Alagan Anpalagan's research focuses on developing energy and spectral efficient, low complex radio and network resource management techniques and systems. The main applications for this research include mobile communication, wireless sensor networking, and smart device communication. Dr. Anpalagan co-founded WINCORE laboratory where his research group has also made fundamental contributions in modelling, analysis and characterization of multi-carrier, spread spectrum, cooperative, cognitive and green communication systems.

Andrea BurgessAndrea Burgess
Department of Mathematics

Andrea Burgess' research interests lie in the field of combinatorial design theory. Combinatorial designs are mathematical objects which may be used to model situations concerning interactions between objects, and which have applications in areas such as the design of statistical experiments, communications systems, coding theory and software testing. Her research seeks to understand the underlying structure of certain classes of combinatorial designs, and to construct designs with desirable structural properties.

Ebrahim BagheriEbrahim Bagheri
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ebrahim Bagheri’s research program promotes the idea of semantics for and from Big Data analytics. Along with his excellent research group, he has developed a semantic analytics platform that enables machines to not only efficiently process Big Data but to also understand the underlying semantics of such information. This technology exploits computational-intensive methods to process over 30 Billion pieces of information from the Linked Open Data Cloud in order to foster semantic interpretation capabilities for next-generation intelligent machines. His work has received high visibility within the industrial and entrepreneurial communities.

Jeffrey BoaseJeffrey Boase
School of Professional Communication

Dr. Boase has contributed greatly to both public and scholarly discourse regarding the social implications of communication technology. He is the Principle Investigator of a $240,000 Insight Grant from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. He has published 14 peer-review articles, 7 book chapters, and 1 major report, and at the time of this nomination his work has been cited 2,032 times (Google Scholar, October 29, 2013). Several of his articles appear in leading journals, such as the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication and Communication Research, which respectively have the first and third highest five-year impact factors of the 72 communication journals listed in the ISI Web of Knowledge database. His work has influenced public discourse and has appeared in The Globe and Mail, CBC Metro Morning, PC World, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Farhad Ein-MozaffariFarhad Ein-Mozaffari
Department of Chemical Engineering

Farhad Ein-Mozaffari’s research interest is the enhancement of the continuous-flow mixing of the complex fluids with the novel and energy-efficient mixers. The work is of great importance to the chemical, biochemical, food, polymer, pulp and paper, cosmetic, wastewater treatment, and pharmaceutical industries. He utilizes the advanced flow visualization techniques (e.g. tomography and ultrasonic velocimetry) and computational fluid dynamics methods to characterize and optimize the mixing operations. The findings of his research program have resulted in improved quality of products, more efficient use of power, and chemical cost reduction. He has been very active in applied research in partnerships with several chemical industries. Farhad Ein-Mozaffari has authored/co-authored over 160 refereed journal papers, book chapters, and conference papers and presentations. He is also the editor and the member of the editorial board of several prestigious journals.

Trevor HartTrevor Hart
Department of Psychology

Dr. Hart published 14 peer-reviewed articles in the time period from 2012-2013. These articles in HIV risk, prevention, and care and in the mental health of populations at high risk for HIV, were in high impact journals such as the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, AIDS and Behavior, and the Lancet. He was awarded 16 grants as Principal Investigator (PI), co-PI, or co-investigator. Of the total of 16 grants, 4 of these are CIHR Operating Grants with Dr. Hart holding funds at PI or co-PI, and 4 of the 16 grants were received in 2013 (with 1 of the 4 2013 grants with Dr. Hart as the PI).

Tomaz JardimTomaz Jardim
Department of History

Tomaz Jardim’s research transcends academic boundaries to explore the nature of justice, perceptions of Nazi criminality, and the ongoing challenges of American military court proceedings. Although only in his third year in the Department of History, Jardim’s contributions to SRC activities are already exceptional. In addition to producing peer-reviewed articles, he has published an award-winning monograph, and he has been awarded a SSHRC Insight Development Grant for his second book project. Jardim’s work contributes to our understanding of the Holocaust and war crimes trials, and provides historical context for current controversies surrounding American military courts at Guantanamo Bay.

Eric LiberdaEric Liberda
School of Occupational and Public Health

Dr. Liberda’s goal to make a mark by improving human health and human health policy can be seen from his research and publication record. In his two years at Ryerson University, Dr. Liberda has focused on science based policy and regulatory guideline matters which are informed from his primary toxicological research. His work to date has resulted in publications and grants that strive to protect Canadians from the adverse health effects of toxicants such as lead, coal combustion products, nanoparticles, and PCBs. Ultimately, Dr. Liberda moves his research findings into action by applying the results to inform and develop new policies and guidelines that protect human health.

Bruno LessardBruno Lessard
School of Image Arts

Dr. Lessard’s SRC activities have had significant impact in the two areas characterizing FCAD as a unique faculty at Ryerson: academic research and artistic creation. With regard to scholarly conferences and publications, Dr. Lessard gave three papers in three countries last year and published a book chapter in a collection about digital gaming. He also completed a single-authored book manuscript, The Object Image: Adaptation and Interactive Media, which is currently under review by the University of Toronto Press. In terms of artistic creation, Dr. Lessard and two FCAD colleagues exhibited Constructed Land, a multi-format project that proposes various experiences of reading a database of 60,000 images of Kimmirut, Nunavut, captured with a webcam. In sum, Dr. Lessard’s SRC contributions have made a significant impact on a number of areas in contemporary visual culture such as digital animation, documentary photography, digital gaming, new media history, and new media art making.

Shavin MalhotraShavin Malhotra
Department of Global Management Studies

Shavin Malhotra’s current research focuses on corporate strategies for international expansion, the influence of host- and home-country characteristics on cross-border acquisitions, and the role of heuristics in strategic decision making. He has 36 refereed publications (17 journal articles, 19 conference proceedings) that have been cited over 130 times. Shavin had a successful 2012-2013 with five journal publications—two of which are in Strategic Management Journal and Journal of International Business Studies (leading journals in strategy and international business; both these are also listed in Financial Times Top 45 business journals). He also had one conference proceeding publication, one best paper award, one best paper nomination and a SSHRC insight development grant of $65,550 to research the role of heuristics in strategic decision making.

Andrew OMalleyAndrew O’Malley
Department of English

Dr. O’Malley’s research achievement in the 2012–2013 academic year has been outstanding, first, in yielding an internationally impactful peer-reviewed monograph, CHILDREN'S LITERATURE, POPULAR CULTURE, AND ROBINSON CRUSOE (Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), published by a press with a world-renowned series in children’s literature. The monograph, which uses iconic literary figure Robinson Crusoe as a powerful case study to examine and theorize the international dynamics of popular literature and its culture industries, significantly advances a growing global field of study at the intersection of childhood studies, popular culture studies, and studies of modernity, critically examining how concepts of childhood have been shaped by nostalgia. Dr. O’Malley was also awarded a SSHRC grant (for knowledge dissemination-mobilization) in support of his new project “Comic Books, Children's Culture, and the Crisis of Innocence, 1940–1954.”

Derick RousseauDerick Rousseau
Department of Chemistry and Biology

Professor Rousseau is a strong contributor in the area of food science and he is a dedicated researcher who focuses on the physical chemical nature of food and food additives. He is also an active contributor on public forums dealing with the public's perception of science and is well-known for his activities in science grantsmanship, as an international reviewer, journal editor and promoter of science at Ryerson.

Mandana VahabiMandana Vahabi
Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing

Dr. Mandana Vahabi joined Ryerson University in August 2007. Her research and scholarship focus on health equity and social determinants of health, particularly among women, immigrants, and refugees, particularly in the areas of food security, chronic disease prevention, HIV/AIDS, and cancer care. Drawing on her extensive experience in social epidemiology and community health, she works closely with multidisciplinary teams and community stakeholders to develop research underpinned by the principles of cultural congruence and meaningful engagement. One of her innovative research designs is an intervention study that engages low-income immigrant women in chronic disease prevention through cultural dances. Dr. Vahabi has also demonstrated solid scholarship and unwavering commitment to research mentorship. Her SRC achievements contribute to evidence-informed practice, innovative research methodology, and catalysts in policy change.

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