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Deans' Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Award: 2016 recipients

Michael ArtsMichael Arts
Department of Chemistry and Biology

Dr. Michael Arts' research evaluates the impacts of globally-important stressors (e.g., climate change, exotic invaders, UV radiation, contaminants, and genetically-engineered organisms) on the production and fate of key lipids in aquatic organisms. Supported by a strong network of national and international collaborations. His team is among the first in Canada to explore the use of long chain essential fatty acids as ecological indicators and to document their scarcity in terrestrial ecosystems. During 2014-2015, his research was supported by half a million in funding, from several granting agencies. Last year, he published 19 peer-reviewed journal articles and has four more under peer-review. Because his work addresses the fundamental issues of human and environmental health, his work garners high attention of media, creates bridges with policy-makers and gives biological scientists new learning tools. His publications, presentations and international research network have publicized Ryerson as a lively centre of scholarship.

Umberto BerardiUmberto Berardi
Department of Architectural Science

Dr. Berardi's research interests and contributions are related to the study of building systems which incorporate new materials for enhancing energy saving and obtaining more sustainable buildings. In the first years of his career, Dr. Berardi mainly worked on the acoustic and thermal properties of natural materials for their promotion and inclusion in sustainable buildings. Since joining Ryerson in 2014, he has been focusing on the development of building systems that integrate innovative materials with exceptional thermal performance such as phase change materials (PCM), vacuum insulating panels (VIP), and aerogels. Some recent researches about materials with high albedo for city cooling applications have recently gained significant attention and recognition in the academia community, and have been sponsored through several international grants.

Daolun ChenDaolun Chen
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Dr. Chen has published 241 refereed journal papers and 79 refereed conference papers, and secured $2.3M as PI and $4.9M as a co-applicant since joining Ryerson in 2001, including his current NSERC-Discovery grant at $55,000/year. In the academic year of 2014/2015, he published 43 journal papers and secured totally ~$329,000. Dr. Chen's research findings have garnered 4,175 citations including 79 overview papers, 40 books/book chapters and 4 handbooks. One of his papers has been selected as a highly cited paper on the Web of Science in 2015. Dr. Chen is an Associate Editor or Editorial Board Member of 18 journals.


Alison Matthews DavidAlison Matthews David
School of Fashion

For a decade, Dr. Alison Matthews David has unearthed and examined historical texts, images, and surviving museum objects to explore how fashion has harmed its makers and wearers past and present. Supported by a SSHRC grant, her book Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present was published by Bloomsbury in October 2015. Within a month of its release, Fashion Victims had already been named Book of the Week by Times Higher Education and the Daily Mail, and has been featured in the Financial Times, the Independent, and The New York Times. Dr. David is an associate professor in the school of fashion.


Thierry GervaisThierry Gervais
School of Image Arts

The last academic year was an exceptional one for Dr. Gervais. He curated the well-received exhibit "DISPATCH: War Photographs in Print, 1854-2008" (Ryerson Image Centre) and published the related exhibition catalogue. He also published a monograph, _La Fabrique de l'Information visuelle. Photographies et magazines d'actualit_ [Visual News in the Making: Photography and News Magazines] (Paris: textuel, 2015). He organized an international conference titled: "Photography Historians: A new Generation?, held at the Ryerson Image Centre last March. He also published two book chapters in the collection of essays titled _Getting the Picture: The Visual Culture of the News (Bloomsbury, 2015). Finally, he gave a conference paper on the topic of photography history and French news magazines at the Université de Paris Diderot.

Claus RinnerClaus Rinner
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Dr. Claus Rinner is a high-impact scholar in the field of geographic information systems (GIS) research. A decade of NSERC-funded research on geospatial data analytics has culminated in the co-authorship of a research monograph published in February 2015. Dr. Rinner also published three peer-reviewed journal articles, a peer-reviewed book chapter, and a peer-reviewed conference paper in 2014/15; all of these were co-authored by Dr. Rinner's graduate students. In addition to an NSERC Discovery Grant, Dr. Rinner also participates in a SSHRC Partnership Grant on the participatory geospatial Web and is a collaborator on several other SSHRC and CIHR grants.


Farrokh SharifiFarrokh Sharifi
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Dr. Sharifi's research is on enhancing the intelligence of electromechanical systems with focus on robotics through the integration of optical technology. He is internationally known for his work on the integration of vision to improve robots intelligence and control, namely visual servoing. He has chaired several international conferences and been invited as a Guest Editor for two international prestigious journals for the special issues on visual servoing and optomechatronics. Dr. Sharifi's leading research on robotics and automation has resulted in 2 International/US patent applications and more than 190 publications in prestigious international journals and conferences and attracted hundreds of citations. His publications in the fields of visual servoing, intelligent control, teleoperation, and estimation theory have also pioneered in the respective fields, attracted many citations, and been ranked high among the published papers in the respective journals. He has also been the recipient of a few prestigious international awards.

Jane B. Sprott
Department of Criminology

Dr. Sprott continues to be actively engaged in conducting research to broaden our understanding and advance our knowledge of the impact of current criminal justice policies. With the help of her five-year SSHRC insight grant, this past year she published two papers on the impact of multiple bail conditions on youths and drafted a manuscript on the gendered nature of bail release conditions. Her third peer-reviewed article on pardons provides an understanding of Canada's recent changes to pardons and delivers insight into the reasons why people apply for pardons. In all, Dr. Sprott has created a significant body of research that has had an impact on policy and practice in the youth justice and criminal justice field.

Sui SuiSui Sui
Global Management Studies

Dr. Sui Sui's research focuses on understanding how internationalization strategies, internal resources and capabilities, and external environmental factors influence small and medium-sized enterprises' (SMEs) survival and growth in international markets. Dr. Sui's research aims to ensure that SMEs in developed countries such as Canada have the knowledge to achieve operational success in key global markets. In 2014/15, Sui published three articles in leading international business journals, produced four reports for prominent think tanks, and was invited to present her work at the Bank of Canada, Industry Canada, Statistics Canada, Conference Board of Canada, and the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Philip WalshPhilip Walsh
Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Dr. Phil Walsh's research focuses on innovation and sustainability, with particular emphasis on identifying commercialization strategies for new sustainable technology in the energy sector. Having the ultimate goal of devising more sustainable approaches to living in urban centres, Dr. Walsh collaborates with university and industry partners from a variety of disciplines to assist small and medium-sized renewable energy enterprises in developing and commercializing sustainable technologies to address contemporary energy challenges. He is an affiliate of the Institute for the Study of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Centre for Urban Energy. In 2014/15, Walsh published 3 articles in top-tier journals, received two national research grants, and engaged 13 students in his research program, all while serving as Chair of the Dept. of Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

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