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Dean's Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Award: 2017 recipients

Alagan AnpalaganAlagan Anpalagan
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Dr. Anpalagan has contributed significantly to the development of next generation wireless and sensor systems using green, cooperative, and cognitive radio communication technologies. This was done through advanced research, scientific analysis, high quality personnel development, collaborative work and knowledge dissemination of results. Some notable high impact contributions are in the areas of robust cooperative spectrum sensing, green multi-hop cooperative routing, multi-layer parametric resource optimization, channel sharing and auctioning paradigm using game theory, energy-efficient tuning of time-frequency domain spreading in emerging wireless communication systems.

Rupa BanerjeeRupa Banerjee
Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour, Ted Rogers School of Management

Dr. Rupa Banerjee investigates the effects of race, religion and gender on immigrants' social integration. Funded by SSHRC, she has produced meaningful findings to understand and reduce social exclusion among racialized immigrant communities in Canada. Her current work includes evaluating Canada's new 'Express Entry' system of skilled immigrants. With broad and impactful knowledge mobilization that includes top tier academic journals, community workshops, policy recommendations to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, and the media, Dr. Banerjee's research is a stellar example of the socially responsible and relevant business research produced by faculty at the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Ben BarryBen Barry
School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication and Design

During the 2015-16 year, Dr. Barry completed his SSHRC-funded Refashioning Masculinity research that explored how men construct their identities through clothing and how fashion can be a tool to reimagine masculinity. Fifty diverse men took part in wardrobe interviews and then some participated in a fashion shoot and fashion show to share their expressions and experiences of gender. The project trained 19 students as creative researchers and pioneered the fashion show as a method to collect data and share research with diverse audiences. Ben also published five peer-reviewed articles (and had an additional one in-press) and presented at five conferences.

Nick BellissimoNick Bellissimo
School of Nutrition, Faculty of Community Services

Dr. Nick Bellissimo is an internationally-renowned expert in the area of food intake regulation, exercise physiology, and energy imbalances. His dedication to the field of nutrition has led to the publication of five peer-reviewed journal articles, and four abstract presentations last year. In addition to his in-class teaching, he mentors several undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctorate fellows. His passion for knowledge-sharing is reflected through his role as the founder and the director of Nutrition Discovery Labs, Nutrition and Exercise Testing Laboratory, and the Nutrition and Exercise Education program designed for secondary students.

Colleen DerkatchColleen Derkatch
Department of English, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Colleen Derkatch produced, before tenure, a body of interdisciplinary research impressive for its range of inquiry, theoretical sophistication, critical depth, and superb publication venues. Her publications are included in courses across North America and cited in major reference works. Dr. Derkatch's 2016 monograph, Bounding Biomedicine: Evidence and Rhetoric in the New Science of Alternative Medicine (University of Chicago Press), sets a new standard for research in medical rhetoric, and has received highest praise from senior scholars in her field. She holds SSHRC funding for her next monograph, Rhetorics of Wellness, and the expressed interest of several major scholarly presses.

Farhad Ein-MozaffariFarhad Ein-Mozaffari
Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Farhad Ein-Mozaffari’s research interest is the design of the novel and energy-efficient mixers for chemical industries. He has supervised/co-supervised 48 HQPs. He has collaborated with many chemical industries and universities in Canada, Europe, and Asia. Farhad Ein-Mozaffari has published more than 215 journal papers, book chapters, and conference papers and presentations. His research has been funded by several funding agencies and industry. He is the editor and the member of the editorial board of many journals. Farhad Ein-Mozaffari is the technical program co-chair of the XXIX Interamerican Congress of Chemical Engineering and 68th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference.

Carolyn KaneCarolyn Kane
School of Professional Communication, Faculty of Communication and Design

In 2015-2116, Dr. Carolyn Kane ranked first place in the top sextile of the SSHRC's Insight Development Grant competition, placed her second book, "Beautific Failure" in contract with the University of Chicago Press and secured 10 articles and essay publications in top-tier, international forums including Communication Design, History of Photography, Journal of the International Colour Association, Third Text, Leonardo (MIT Press), e-flux, and Public Books. The international impact of her scholarship was further recognized by positive reviews in New Media & Society and invitations to speak in Germany, Korea and at the University of California, Berkeley.

Richard MeldrumRichard Meldrum
School of Occupational and Public Health, Faculty of Community Services

Dr. Meldrum is an experienced researcher with a background in public health and food safety. The author of 30 peer reviewed journal papers, Dr. Meldrum is currently supervising two PhD and one Masters project. His main research areas are currently food safety policy and the effects of climate change on public health. Dr. Meldrum has been pivotal in enhancing undergraduate project work within the School of Occupational and Public Health by spearheading the development of a Departmental Research Ethics Board and by coordinating and encouraging various external agencies to collaborate in the support of undergraduate research.

Andriy MiranskyyAndriy Miranskyy
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science

Andriy Miranskyy research interests are in the area of quantifying and mitigating risks in Software Engineering. Examples of risks range from a) Big Data databases been tested improperly, resulting in defect escapes and unplanned outages to b) difficult to diagnose failures, leading to prolonged outages and customer dissatisfaction. Last year, Andriy produced nine refereed publications (four published, five under review). His research is supported by four external grants yielding $68,000 and additional $55,000 in computational resources. Dr. Miranskyy's participation in an international network of industrial and academic collaborators promotes Ryerson as a vibrant research centre.

Ali MiriAli Miri
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science

Dr. Miri is the Research Director, Privacy and Big Data Institute, an Adjunct Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), University of Ottawa, an Affiliated Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital, the Director, Information and Computer Security Laboratory (iCaSL), and a member of Ontario Centre of Excellence College of Reviewers, Standards Council of Canada, Big Data Working Group, and an Advisory board member, Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC), university of New Brunswick (UNB). He has received over $7M in research funding, supervised 74 HQPs, and has published over 200 manuscripts, books and patents.

Horatio MorganHoratio Morgan
Global Management Studies, Ted Rogers School of Management

Horatio Morgan's research program spans the intersection of corporate finance and strategy, international entrepreneurship, and applied analytical methods. His research offers novel insights into issues as diverse as international acquisition decision making, and immigrant entrepreneurs' contributions to the innovation performance, internationalization and success of small and medium-sized enterprises. During 2015-2016, Horatio published two articles in leading peer-reviewed journals in international entrepreneurship and business economics, produced a major technical report, and successfully applied for three grants. He also presented his work at leading academic conferences, and seminars organized by the Economic Action Forum and the Conference Board of Canada.

Nima NaghibiNima Naghibi
Department of English, Faculty of Arts

Associate professor of English and founding co-director of the Faculty of Arts Research Centre for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Studies, Dr. Nima Naghibi's interdisciplinary research critically connects academic criticism with social activism and human rights. Her monograph, Women Write Iran: Nostalgia and Human Rights from the Diaspora (U Minnesota P 2016), was supported by a prestigious Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Grant. Demonstrating that writing life narratives connects to the larger social enterprise of righting historical injustices, Naghibi's book makes a significant contribution to Ryerson's reputation for leadership in societally meaningful research.

Robert TeigrobRobert Teigrob
Department of History, Faculty of Arts

Teigrob's research challenges long-held assumptions that Canadian representations and understandings of their country's wars are less triumphant and more racially-tolerant than those produced in the United States. His publications also seek to locate best practices in the crafting of Canadian foreign policy. His bold, innovative, and provocative arguments have inspired other scholars to ask new questions and seek new evidence in order to answer them. His peers have called him "one of the most interesting writers on international relations in Canada today," one who "is charting a new interdisciplinary and transnational approach that will find a growing cohort of followers."

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