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Dean's Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Award: 2019 recipients

Saman_Hassanzadeh AminSaman Hassanzadeh Amin
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Dr. Saman Hassanzadeh Amin is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Ryerson University. His research focuses on the applications of operations research in supply chain management. Dr. Amin has published 22 peer-reviewed journal papers in well-known journals, and several conference papers. His publications have received more than 1,250 citations. His research has been supported by internal and external funds such as NSERC Discovery, NSERC Engage and SSHRC grants. Dr. Amin has supervised more than 15 graduate and many undergraduate students. He has received some awards such as Honorable Mention Award from ASAC.

Costin_AntonescuCostin Antonescu
Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science

Dr. Costin Antonescu's research made important contributions to understanding the fundamental mechanisms by which the oncogene epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) allows cancer cells to grow, proliferate and spread throughout the body (metastasis), how these mechanisms can be exploited to treat cancer and how cancer drugs can be better targeted to tumors to improve cancer patient treatment. The outstanding impact of this research is demonstrated (in the prior year) by eight journal articles, being awarded a CIHR Project Grant and other funding for industry-partnered translational research, many invited talks at Canadian universities and conferences, and over 20 conference papers and abstracts.

Martin AntonyMartin Antony
Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Antony is Professor in the Department of Psychology. His research is on the nature and treatment of anxiety and related disorders, as well as perfectionism. During the 2017-2018 academic year, he served as co-investigator on two large CIHR-funded projects. He also published one book, 11 peer-reviewed articles and four chapters. In addition, he had nine articles and chapters accepted for publication and eight research articles under review. Dr. Antony's work is widely cited; he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the highest honour that a Canadian scholar can receive in the Arts, Humanities or Sciences.

Jennifer BurwellJennifer Burwell
Department of English, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Jennifer Burwell's book, Quantum Language and the Migration of Scientific Concepts, published by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, emerges from the unique relationship between language and the core concepts of quantum physics. The renowned scholar Peter Pesic, director of the Science Institute at St. John's College, states: "Jennifer Burwell's thoughtful and thought-provoking book opens new perspectives on the frontier between science, language and literature." Dr. Burwell's singular cross-examination of language and quantum theory goes beyond analysis to suggest -- and probe -- the boundaries and possibilities of what humanity can know.

Jonathan FarrarJonathan Farrar
Accounting, Ted Rogers School of Management

Dr. Jonathan Farrar conducts research in the areas of tax ethics and taxpayer psychology/behaviour. His impact over the past year is evidenced by numerous scholarly contributions, including the publication of five journal articles - three of which appear in the prestigious Financial Times Top 50 Journal of Business Ethics. In addition, Dr. Farrar applied for and secured two SSHRC Insight Development Grants (one as a PI and the other as a Co-I). Knowledge mobilization initiatives included co-chairing a conference and presenting his research to government officials at the Canada Revenue Agency, demonstrating his work's relevance and social impact potential.

Farrokh_Janabi-SharifiFarrokh Janabi-Sharifi
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Dr. Janabi-Sharifi, fellow of CSME, EIC, and CAE, is a world leading expert in the field of Opto-Mechatronics with the focus on Robotics and Control. He has an outstanding publication record with two books, four proceedings and over 220 refereed articles in journals and conference proceedings. His publications have been cited more than 1940 times in just the last five years, with many making it to Top Ranking Lists of prestigious journals. His work has led to filing of four US/PCT patent applications, and been recognized internationally through fellowships, best paper awards/certificates and visiting professorship awards from several world-class organizations.

Dimitrios_LatsisDimitrios Latsis
School of Image Arts, Faculty of Communication and Design

During the past year, Dr. Latsis made significant contributions as an author, editor and researcher in Digital Humanities, film history and media preservation. With one edited special issue of the leading journal in film archiving published, one edited collection of essays completed and under contract with a major academic publisher, five book chapters, and one journal article, all peer-reviewed, Dr. Latsis maintained an exceptionally high SRC profile which additionally included an extensive record of presentations at international conferences, the completion of two grants from the Mellon and Knight foundations and a successful application for a Ryerson Creative Fund grant.

Stephanie MellesStephanie Melles
Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science

Dr. Melles is an innovative, multidisciplinary researcher working on ecological problems of pattern and scale in space and time. Her research focuses on species distribution patterns and ecosystem diversity to address some of the most salient problems in global change ecology, such as how species will likely respond to climate change, invasive species spread, habitat loss, pollution and fragmentation. Stephanie takes a multi-faceted approach to her research, which incorporates theoretical analysis, state-of-the-art computational techniques, multi-scale datasets (from field-based to regional, continental, and global), and ecological models to find creative solutions to some of the major challenges facing (human-dominated) ecosystems.

Pawel PralatPawel Pralat
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science

Dr. Pawel Pralat is a director of the Fields-CQAM Lab on Computational Methods in Industrial Mathematics at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at Ryerson University. His multidisciplinary research program lies at the intersection of mathematics and computer science. His main research interests are in the theory of random graphs and their applications to complex networks.

Thomas TenkateThomas Tenkate
School of Occupational and Public Health, Faculty of Community Services

Throughout his career, Thomas Tenkate has been an active researcher with a focus on assessing human health risks from exposure to environmental hazards. This research activity is illustrated by a total of 290 SRC outputs and nearly $5M in funding for research/projects. Since coming to Ryerson in 2011, Thomas has been a very productive researcher with 124 SRC outputs and has received over $3.4M in funding for research/projects (with over $1.3M as principal investigator). A distinctive feature of Thomas' approach to research is collaboration, with all of Thomas' projects involving multidisciplinary and multi-organizational teams.

Sandra Tullio-PowSandra Tullio-Pow
School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication and Design

Sandra Tullio-Pow is passionate about inclusive and functional design, gravitating to clothing projects that positively impact people's lives. During the 2017/18 academic year she maintained an active SRC agenda, teaching over 420 students in Research Methods, Textiles and Human Centred Design while active in service roles with the faculty and School. She was awarded $65,000 in external funding, completing two significant research projects with the Toronto Police Services (TPS) and the LCBO, using the clothing taskscape to assess their respective uniform needs. Her recent research efforts were recognized with the ITAA Best Paper at the Doctoral level and Alvanon Award.

Ian YoungIan Young
School of Occupational and Public Health, Faculty of Community Services

Dr. Young is an early-career researcher with an exceptional publication record and research productivity. His research aims to improve important public health outcomes, specifically how to reduce the burden of food-borne, water-borne and vector-borne disease. Since joining Ryerson in 2016, he has published 21 peer-reviewed journal articles (with eight as lead author) and 23 conference proceedings (with seven as lead author), delivered seven knowledge translation presentations and received nine grants (with eight as PI). He has a strong commitment to student mentorship, with involvement on four graduate student advisory committees and supervision of four to seven undergraduate research projects each year.

Morteza_Zihayat KermaniMorteza Zihayat Kermani
Information and Technology Management, Ted Rogers School of Management

Dr. Morteza Zihayat Kermani joined TRSITM as an assistant professor in July 2017. During his career, he made significant contributions to the field of data analytics (leading to 297 citations over the last eight years and doubled since 2017). He secured $271K funding to grow his research program, including NSERC Discovery ($115K), IBM CAS ($90K) and NSERC Engage ($25K). He was invited as a guest speaker in research centres located at MIT and the University of Toronto. He has been involved in several industrial projects in collaboration with AT&T, IBM Canada and The Globe and Mail Inc.

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