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Dean's Service Award: 2019 recipients

Patrizia AlbanesePatrizia Albanese
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Patrizia Albanese led the Canadian Sociological Association's hosting 2018 World Congress of the International Sociological Association in Toronto. Past-president of the CSA, Albanese did not rest on her laurels. Her tireless work to establish a global stage for our discipline cast a spotlight on Ryerson University, the Faculty of Arts and the Department of Sociology. She ensured the conference became a forum for social justice and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Years of work culminating in this special achievement barely impacted her extensive service elsewhere, research excellence, supervision and teaching with integrity.

Annette BaileyAnnette Bailey
School of Nursing, Faculty of Community Services

Dr. Annette Bailey has demonstrated exceptional service at all levels of the university. She led development of key milestones in the major curriculum modification of the Ryerson, Centennial, George Brown Collaborative Nursing program. Her leadership and commitment to service in this area is a major feat that spreads across three highly-engaged institutional sites with many external stakeholders. She also serves on many committees such as Academic Standards, Academic Integrity and Senate. What is most impressive is Dr. Bailey's capacity to lead in these service roles with unwavering inclusion so that faculty and staff feel appreciated and inspired to be actively involved.

Catherine EllisCatherine Ellis
Department of History, Faculty of Arts

Catherine Ellis has been a role model for thoughtful, creative and engaged service work throughout her career at Ryerson. Despite being on sabbatical and based at Massey College in 2017-18, she made significant contributions to service at the faculty and university levels. She served as panel chair on the Academic Integrity Council, ensuring that academic misconduct hearings were conducted fairly and impartially. She was also on four search committees for key positions within the Faculty of Arts, including the Jarislowsky Democracy Chair. She also served on Ryerson's Board of Governors and participated in the search for two Canada Research Chairs.

David HunterDavid Hunter
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts

In addition to having an exceptionally strong research agenda and high teaching scores, Dr. David Hunter served on the Associate Dean Faculty of Arts Search Committee, the OGS Adjudication Committee, the MA Admissions Committee, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, the DHC, and he chaired the DEC. Notable among his professional service, Dr. Hunter is the managing editor and president of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Canada's most prestigious philosophical journal, which reviews about 400 submissions a year. He also co-organized two events: a two-day workshop that brought national and international scholars to Ryerson and a three-day conference held in Munich.

Yuanshun _LiYuanshun Li
School of Accounting and Finance, Ted Rogers School of Management

Dr. Yuanshun Li has proven to be a wonderful asset to the Finance Department. Serving as faculty advisor in the Rotman International Trading Competition over the past ten years, Dr. Li led Team Ryerson to first place in one of the six cases in this highly competitive international challenge in February 2018. Dr. Li is an active advocate of the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF). His tireless efforts have helped promote SAF to local high schools and to the community in general. In addition, Dr. Li has served at numerous committees at all levels.

Shelagh McCartneyShelagh McCartney
School of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Community Services

Professor Shelagh McCartney has made an exceptional contribution to service both within Ryerson and in the broader communities of scholarship and practice. Interweaving service, teaching and research to build places and spaces for positive social change has been the hallmark of Dr. McCartney's work. The key themes of her service are collaborating to build community in planning, supporting a better School of Urban and Regional Planning, bringing urban design to Ryerson, improving community wellness and mentoring students. All of her service activities, both internal and external to the university, seek to promote collaboration between disciplines, sectors and partners.

Isaac WoungangIsaac Woungang
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science

As a Professor, mentor, associate chair, program director (twice), supervisor, chauffeur and selfless, workaholic colleague, Isaac Woungang has worked tirelessly and continuously to make the Department of Computer Science a better place. While there are many tasks that are arguably undesirable at Ryerson, there has not been a single instance that I have found where Isaac said no. Isaac has made the department a better place through countless hours of hard work, attention to detail and effectiveness. For these reasons, Isaac deserves the Dean's Service Award in the Faculty of Science.

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